AumYogashala Declared the Launch of Kids Special Yoga Classes in Gurgaon

AumYogashala, an exclusive yoga studio in NCR has declared the launch of Kids Special yoga classes.

Online PR News – 25-November-2017 – Gurgaon – Gurgaon, India, 24th November 2017: Aum Yogshala, a premium yoga studio based in the IT hub of India- Gurgaon is going to conduct Kids special yoga classes. These hour-long classes will run on every Tuesday and Wednesday of the week from 5 to 6 PM.

Kids Special Yoga classes by Aum Yoga Shala is going to be conducted with the motive of helping children experience joyful blossoming of their potentials through yoga. Every child is special and has their own set of skills. But, these days amidst the peer pressure of completing daily homework, scoring well in regular exams, and meeting the expectations of the parents and teachers, children barely get time to live life. Aum Yoga Shala’s Kids Special Classes are designed to give children the care, nourishment, fun, love, joy they need, through the path of yoga. Yoga is one of the most effective and safest ways to help children attain optimum mental and physical health. With this belief, the program will introduce yoga to kids under the guidance of compassionate and kids-friendly yoga teachers through fun and playful activities. Leaving behind the pressure, competition, materialistic and indulgent lifestyle, here, kids will get the time to just be themselves. Kids special classes by Aum Yoga Shala will give children the time needed for a vibrant childhood while enhancing their mental and physical health. The combination of asanas, meditation, and breathing exercises offered in these classes will make children familiar with how to use body and breath in a fun and playful way to improve their whole well-being. Unlike other competitive extracurricular activities, there will be no competition. In these classes, every kid will be honored and admired. They will be encouraged to make progress at their own pace. By infusing the practice of asanas and meditation in their life, these classes will result in a developed body and breath awareness, enhanced concentration, sharper memory, improved creativity, strong and supple body, increased self-confidence, and reduced obsession with other vices in Kids. They will learn, grow, and progress in a supportive, friendly, and non-competitive environment.

Aum Yoga Shala is a standardized yoga studio based in the busy city of Gurgaon, Haryana. Running under the inspirational leadership of Yogacharya Devendra Kumar, Aum Yogshala is dedicated to helping people lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life through the path of yoga. For the people stuck badly in their super-busy life and seeking ways to improve their degrading health, the yoga studio offers daily yoga classes, private yoga classes at home, yoga workshops, yoga retreats, and various yoga training courses. With a range of time, formats, and different training approaches for different level practitioners, these classes and courses are tailored to fit into the modern day individual’s routine. For people with a sedentary routine of Delhi NCR, Aum Yoga Shala has included corporate yoga classes too on its offer list to create a healthy and positive working environment at the offices. Besides providing workday sessions, the studio guides you to find all corporate yoga classes available in Gurgaon with all the needful information, including venue and schedule. Besides learning yoga, the studio is a primary center to cure common mental and physical ailments of today’s life such as obesity, insomnia, high blood pressure, backache, migraine, stress, anxiety, depression, etc., through yoga therapy sessions. These sessions focus on addressing the causes and sustainable cure solution of ailments and the effective ways of achieving good health. The studio has brought acclaimed instructors, experienced practitioners, healthy lifestyle guides and grooming experts at one platform to help individuals in all aspects of their conventional life through the healing techniques of yoga. Through various tailored workshops, daily sessions, and yoga teacher training courses, the studio offers the opportunity to hone yoga practices to improve the overall quality of life. Be it a housewife, a working professional, a kid or an elderly, the studio has a lot to offer to everyone.

Under the supervision of Yogacharya Devendra who holds years of experience working with underprivileged children as a social worker, Aum Yoga Shala with its Kids special sessions aim to enhance children’s overall being with comfort and ease.

About Us: Aum Yoga Shala is a yoga venture founded by skilled and highly experienced Yoga Acharya Devendra based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The studio offers yoga workshops, daily and private yoga sessions, work yoga sessions, yoga retreats, and yoga programs for kids, housewives, elderly people and more with modern approaches. The studio addresses a range of yoga styles, such as Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Alignment Yoga and more in its retreats, workshops, and training courses. For more information, visit If you have any query, drop a mail at or, contact at+91 9999710033 or +91 9999710022.