Go Media USA, Inc. has launched a new FREE online dating site www.LookingForIntrigue.com

A next generation dating website combining Facebook, Hot-or-Not, and fee based dating site features all in one site... and in today's economy a great feature....it's 100% FREE.

Online PR News – 30-October-2009 – – Boca Raton, FL, – Go Media USA, Inc. just launched their new FREE ##--2--##/relationship website. The site launched in BETA, and is fully functional, currently in member acquisition mode, the site is 100% Free to registered members. The site is creating excitement with individuals looking for the next generation online dating/relationship websites.

David Munoz, of Go Media USA, Inc. stated "We are excited about the launch of our website and would like to start by defining 'Intrigue' for you...To draw or capture interest by appealing to another's sense of curiosity, mystery, fancy, with compelling captivating qualities. ~to intrigue one's way into another's notice."

With that definition in mind, the concept of the website was to combine the most popular features found within leading Dating and Social Media websites...sites like Facebook, Hot-or-Not, and most fee based dating websites, and create an environment to allow members to interact in as many ways as possible with today's available technologies. The other important challenge and goal was to offer all these features for free, to all registered members....The challenge was met and the goal was achieved!

LookingForIntrigue website features include: Video embedding within your profile using youtube videos, you can see your potential date/friend in High Definition [HD] video not just static photos. Also, Multi-Language selections, Groups, Events, Forums, Blogs, Chatting, Bookmarking, My matches, Birthday reminders, Friend requesting, and photo/video rating and much more... Register today and start the Buzz in your local area!

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