Experience Best On Bahamas's Latest Scuba Diving Trips: the Bahamas Shark Dives

Best On Bahamas is proud to offer their latest in top quality Bahamas scuba diving excursions with their Bahamas shark dives departing daily off the coast of Nassau Bahamas

Online PR News – 30-October-2009 – – Scuba divers traveling to the Bahamas can now book the infamous Bahamas shark dives right through the leading center and website for quality Bahamas tours and activities, Best On Bahamas.com. Departing from both Nassau and Freeport, these Bahamas tours are sure to thrill and excite any Bahamas diver wanting to go on one of the most unique scuba diving trips out there.

The Nassau Bahamas shark dives is a two tank dive that heads out to two out of four shark dive destinations. The first of the two dives is a free dive, where divers will swim in areas populated by Caribbean Reef Sharks. While being up close to these predators of the sea can get one's heart pumping, divers need not fear any attack from these fascinating and misunderstood creatures.

The second portion of the dive is the feeding portion. Instead of going on a free-swim dive, here divers kneel on the sandy ocean bottom and form a semi circle while a professional Bahamas shark feeder feeds the creatures. The display is quite impressive and one that few people ever get to witness first-hand.

The Freeport Bahamas dives are very similar. Both dives are being offered at the introductory low prices of $99 for the Freeport Bahamas shark dive and $140 for the Nassau Bahamas dives.

"Scuba divers who come to the Bahamas love that we can offer so many different kinds of scuba diving experiences," says Best On Bahamas office manager John Mauricio Mendez. "There are not too many divers around that can say they've actually swam with wild sharks."

Best On Bahamas has already been sending their dedicated customers on these one-of-a-kind Bahamas scuba diving trips. To learn how to book a spot on these excursions or to find more information on many other Bahamas tours and Bahamas attractions in both Freeport and Nassau Bahamas, head to BestOnBahamas.com. You can also call 1-800-688-5871 to speak directly with one of the center's Bahamas specialists.

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