Experience Best On Puerto Vallarta's Newest Trip: the Snorkel and Hiking Combo Excursion

The latest in Best On Puerto Vallarta's growing list of high quality Puerto Vallarta tours and activities is the Colomitos Snorkeling and Hiking combo adventure that takes you to some of Puerto Vallarta's most beautiful and exotic natural habitats

Online PR News – 30-October-2009 – – Puerto Vallarta visitors looking for eco-tour experiences in Puerto Vallarta now have something to be excited about. The leading center for Puerto Vallarta tours and activities, Best On Puerto Vallarta, is now offering one of their most eco-friendly tours, the Colomitos Snorkeling and Hiking Combo.

Taking you down to the coastal foot of the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains, the Colomitos Snorkeling and Hiking tour offers you some of the most stunning sights located in Puerto Vallarta. Guests will hike the one-mile trail along the mountains' coastal lowlands, passing by beautiful flora such as wild orchids and plumerias and creatures such as raccoons and tropical birds.

The hiking takes you to the remote cove known as Colomitos, a beautiful cove surrounded by forest that is an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and picture-perfect settings. Upon reaching the Colomitos cove, hikers are welcome to enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the cove. Underneath the water's surface is a colorful world of coral reefs and sea creatures.

Puerto Vallarta tours like this one are meant for people who want to get a real sense of exotic and undeveloped wildlife. Best On Puerto Vallarta is happy to be able to provide the Hiking & Snorkeling tours to their guests. "We truly feel its one of our best Puerto Vallarta attraction currently," says Best On Puerto Vallarta reservations agent Leyla Cruz.

Best On Puerto Vallarta runs the user-friendly and comprehensive Puerto Vallarta tours and activities website, BestOnPuertoVallarta.com. For almost a decade, the tour center has been providing visitors with some of the best Puerto Vallarta attractions including fishing charters, whale watching trips, dolphin tours, zipline adventures, and sunset cruises.

To get more information on the Colomitos Snorkeling and Hiking Puerto Vallarta tour times and current rates, check out BestOnPuertoVallarta.com or call 1-888-558-3330 to speak directly with one of the center's friendly and knowledgeable reservation agents.

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