OGSoft Solutions Announce Innovative Communication and Scheduling Platform for Medical Professionals

ExRad is a Web-based service for medical facilities, designed to bridge the gap between doctors, radiologists and patients with a single, online platform.

Online PR News – 22-November-2017 – Ikeja, Lagos – Lagos, Nigeria – Nov. 22, 2017 – OGSoft Solutions, Ltd. General Manager Okwudili Godson, announced that the IT software development firm will soon release its new ExRad software system for the healthcare industry. The new platform features a scheduling and information delivery system that increases efficiency and communication between physicians and radiologists, hospitals and medical centers, and patients.
“We came up with the idea to improve the healthcare industries to help increase the lifespan of individuals to give them more time to push harder against life,” said Ogomegbuneme Adigwe, OGSoft Solutions co-founder and CEO.
ExRad is a Web-based service for physicians and medical facilities, designed to bridge the gap between doctors, radiologists and patients with a single, online platform. OGSoft Solutions is offering a 30-day free trial of the new platform to medical providers who want to experience the technology and its advantages.
The new software provides medical professionals and facilities with an effective and cost effective way to schedule radiology testing for patients at the closest and most convenient location, notify patients of their appointments, and share the results of those tests in the most expedient way possible.
“OGSoft Solutions strives to develop leading healthcare systems that bridge the gap between the patients and the hospitals,” said Enoch Kapapiro, OGSoft Solutions co-founder and COO. “We aim to make a difference worldwide with the easy to use search functionalities and accessibility both online and offline and in return, improve individuals’ health.”
The ExRad system works with multiple mobile devices using compatible web browsers and the patient’s email address. Patients, facilities and physicians must have access to a reliable Internet connection to access the secure system. Physicians can schedule appointments for the patient, or the built-in dashboard allows patients to search for the nearest radiology center and schedule the appointment for themselves.
The platform also provides radiologists with a convenient dashboard where they can view already scheduled appointments and requests for appointments. The radiologist can approve the appointments and place them in his/her own schedule or forward them to another radiologist.
Once the testing has been performed, the results are uploaded to the ExRad platform where patients can view their results. The attending physician will also have access to the results in the event that further testing or treatment is required.
ExRad can be customized by practitioners and facilities to accommodate their individual needs. A flexible licensing model enables the platform to be utilized concurrently by multiple sites and facilities to reduce the cost.
“The synergy of system technology and medical radiography practice enhances and improves patients’ care with prompt electronic access to investigation reports from various specialist referrals in line with international best practices,” said Benson Christian, chairman, Association of Radiographers of Nigeria (ARN).
The free trial of ExRad by OGSoft Solutions provides a fast, effective and cost effective means for medical professionals to schedule radiological services and communicating results to patients. The platform significantly reduces time for obtaining what can be a life-saving test for patients, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs for hospitals and medical facilities.

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