More grid, less costs: Flavio Cattaneo leads Terna to investments acceleration.

Developing the electricity grid will result in 1 billion euros less in the electricity bills of the Italians.

Online PR News – 30-October-2009 – – Greater investments, greater development and greater sustainability, less costs. This is the objective of Terna's electricity grid development. The company, headed by Flavio Cattaneo, that manages approximately 60,000 km of high voltage lines in Italy, has accelerated investments.

Modernizing the country's electricity lines reducing system costs and creating new forms of development within an unfavourable economic situation: this represents the challenge, of course in an environmentally sustainable way. The numbers confirm Terna's extraordinary commitment in this direction.

6 billion euros in 10 years to transform the electricity grid in Italy by solving the electricity market’s congestion, connecting new renewable sources and reducing energy losses.

Thanks to a more efficient and modern grid, the bills of families and companies will be reduced by 1 billion euros a year of system expenses once the entire plan is implemented.

The advantages will also be felt for the environment, with 5 million tons less of CO2 a year and 1,200 km of old lines removed and replaced with 450 km of new electricity lines and the implementation of 10 projects for sustainable development.

While waiting for the medium/long term results, the race for the grid of the future has already begun. Results are significant.

In the last four years, Terna tripled its investments, from 278 million euros in 2004 to 776 million euros in 2008. Since 2005 to the present, this has allowed building 1,000 km of new lines with 10 new high voltage power lines and 11 new electricity stations.

1.5 billion euros is the value of the projects presently under construction and 2 billion euros are ready to be "used for building activities" as soon as the necessary authorization is received. Among these, 6 priority projects for the value of 1.6 billion euros, still awaiting authorization for the past 2/3 years which should be granted shortly. Their "green light" would give work to approximately 1,000 suppliers and building companies which in turn would also create other significant related activities.

6 major EHV lines in both the north and south of the country: the new Lodi – Pavia ( 380 kV Chignolo Po (PV) – Maleo (LO) power line), new connection between Padua and Venice (380 kV Camin (PD) – Dolo (VE) – Fusina (VE) power line), new connection between Puglia and Campania (380 kV Foggia-Benevento power line), new connection between the provinces of Udine and Gorizia (380 kV Udine Ovest-Redipuglia (GO) power line), new connection between Piedmont and Lombardy (380 kV Trino (VC) – Lacchiarella (MI) power line), new connection between Sicily and Calabria (380 kV Sorgente (ME) – Rizziconi (RC) power line).

The approvals Terna is awaiting would contribute to relaunching Italian construction activities and would also allow improving the grid'’s environmental impact.

Building new lines would allow immediately reducing CO2 by 1 million tons a year (1/5th of the total included in the entire plan), removing 800 km of lines and burying 230 km while building 500 km of new overhead lines.