Author Leona Koehn Nichols Explores Spirituality, Life Outside Of Religious Upbringing

The author's books detail the experience of excommunication from the Holdeman Mennonite community and how families found a new path in Christ.

Online PR News – 20-November-2017 – PITTSBURG, CA – Greenberry Publishing, LLC, is pleased to announce a follow-up to author Leona Koehn Nichols' Other Loves All Flee: One Family's Journey from Legalism to Grace. His Grace Found Me: Finding Freedom in Christ is Nichols' third book and details the questions and experiences her family and five other families endured upon excommunication from the ultraconservative Holdeman Mennonite church of their upbringing.

"Other Loves All Flee is a personal story of how my husband, children, and I found a new way to live out our faith apart from the church we grew up in. His Grace Found Me continues that story but also incorporates the stories and experiences of other families in the same situation," explained the author, Leona Koehn Nichols.

Nichols was born into a Holdeman Mennonite family and grew up within the Mennonite community, eventually marrying a minister's son. As their family grew so did their questions about church doctrines. Eventually, the family was excommunicated for their conflicting views and had to learn how to live a life of faith without the support of the only religious foundation they had ever known. This experience is shared in Other Loves All Flee.

His Grace Found Me: Finding Freedom in Christ is Nichols' follow-up to Other Loves All Flee. In His Grace Found Me, Nichols' explores the challenges faced by her own family and five other ex-Holdeman families as they learn to live and raise families in the modern world, outside of the religion in which they grew up.

Both books are insights directly into the author's heart as she, her family, and other families like hers struggle to live out their understanding of the Bible, comes to terms with the fact that the only church and lifestyle they knew was now closed to them, and find their place in the "outside world".

"I am immensely grateful to the families who allowed me to share their stories. It is incredibly difficult to try and forge new lives without the support of the only community you've ever known, but these families did just that. I wanted to share their experience to provide hope and insight for others in similar situations that, yes, it is possible to find a place of joy in living out your faith even when that faith takes you down a different path from the one you have envisioned," concluded Nichols.

Nichols is also the author of Quiet Things, Quiet Places which is a collection of poems designed to feed the soul. With a strong focus on everyday stories of nature, family, and events, Nichols speaks to the heart of many, reminding them to pause in their day and take joy where they can find it.

Nichols' books are available for purchase on or on her website,

About Leona Koehn Nichols
Leona Koehn Nichols is the author of Other Loves All Flee: One Family's Journey from Legalism to Grace, His Grace Found Me: Finding Freedom in Christ, and Quiet Things, Quiet Places. For 20 years, she taught English classes for junior high and high school, always with great passion for poetry and other literature. Today, retired and living with her husband on their almond ranch in Central California, she enjoys gardening, her large family of six children, twenty grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Writing has always been an activity that is important to her.

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