Entyze launches two new 100% vegan Superfood face masks to its line
18 November 2017
Entyze announces the launch of two new superfood 100% vegan masks which are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulphates or mineral oils - just the finest recipes packed with beauty superfoods such as green tea, seaweed, moringa and beetroot. From the instafamous to your healthy living friends, everyone's posting about superfoods these days. Super foods are nutrient-rich food considered to be beneficial for health, beauty and well-being. So it comes as no surprise with the hype around it. Each ingredient in the mask has been added for a therapeutic reason, which means their products have no added fillers and every ingredient is an active ingredient. Loaded and packed with only the best organic ingredients both these masks have been formulated with your skin's needs in mind. Inspired by traditional beauty remedies from around the world, each glass jar contains a secret power from purifying to nourishing to helping your skin look and feel as good as you do inside. The Green Tea Mojito face mask helps reduce acne scars, remove toxins and release impurities to help reveal radiant and healthy looking skin. It is a detoxifying treatment mask that contains superfoods such as Seaweed, Green Tea and Moringa. 100% vegan masking formula which deeply purifies, detoxifies and liberates your skin from everyday impurities. (Their products also have the coolest names). The Citrus Rose Mimosa face mask helps in smoothing and soothing your skin. It is an gentle exfoliating clay mask which helps nourish, pamper and reveal that youthful glow again. This face mask is packed with organic ingredients such as rosehip, beetroot, coconut milk and clays. This is beneficial for skin that needs an intense dose of replenishing nourishment to feel soft and smooth again. These masks are now available on www.entyze.com for $21 & $19 respectively. ABOUT COMPANY Entyze was launched and created by Minu. All products are designed and handmade in small batches to ensure distinction in quality, in the United States. This natural skincare brand came to be through the desire of living clean and the rooted belief of quality over quantity. Entyze takes pride in cultivating a line of beautifully designed, thoughtfully sourced, simplified, luxurious yet affordable skin care. Their collection has basic skin care essentials with less than 10 ingredients per product. The products created are absolutely safe and do not contain phthalates, parabens or sulphates. All their skincare products are natural only with the highest quality, containing organic ingredients. 100% Cruelty-free! Entyze is also a brand with a cause, committed to serving and bettering the lives of girls by providing educational opportunities to children from socially and economically disadvantaged communities, who traditionally have no access to schooling.