Kounopt.Com Now Offer Hi-Tech Mirror Coatings on Prescription Ray Ban Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Kounopt.com has unveiled their top-of-the-line, high tech mirror coating services developed exclusively for prescription Ray Ban eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Online PR News – 18-November-2017 – Wilmington, DE, Nov 2017 – Wilmington, DE, Nov 2017 -In a recent announcement, the company has unveiled their top-of-the-line, high tech mirror coating services developed exclusively for prescription Ray Ban eyeglasses and sunglasses. If your idea is to look sassy and smart without ever encountering vision problems in extreme light and reflective conditions, this is one service you should definitely be taking advantage of.

Jim Kounnas commands a lot of respect in the field of optometry and eye care. His flagship company - Jim Kounnas Optometrists and Opticians Inc. offers state of the art services and support to a wide base of loyal clients who trust Jim for all their optical requirements. The company has a strong team of technical experts and experienced optometrists and an industry experience of over thirty years – all of which combine together to create the best possible eyewear solutions that a person could expect.

Mirror coatings are a must-have for eyewear users who like to cultivate a different look with their glasses while ensuring they remain fully functional in all kinds of ambient lighting conditions. They help protect your eyes against harmful high energy visible light while reducing the blinding glare generated from light bouncing off snow, water, glass, mountains and other reflective surfaces. Mirror coated Ray Bans are the perfect fit for use on the beach, while driving, while engaging in high activity sports and for the times when you are around snow. This service from Kounopt will ensure that you get maximum functionality from your prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses while enjoying the exhilarating experience of fashion and form that is part and parcel with all Ray Ban models.

“These are the most vibrant and stylish mirror coatings to ever come in between your eyes! My team will use the most high end tech and tools to render the perfect coated finishes on your eyewear while preserving the ultimate style that you love these glasses for. Trust us to bring yet another dimension of functionality and utility to your otherwise fantastic pair of Ray Bans.” said Jim Kounnas, the lead optometrist, and owner of Kounopt.

For more information about Kounopt or to check out the wide range of products and services they have on offer online, please visit the website https://www.Kounopt.com/.


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