Author Shares Approaches in Nurturing Giftedness

Author Shares Approaches in Nurturing Giftedness

Online PR News – 16-November-2017 – Scarborough, ON – Intelligence is not about thinking that a person knows everything, but rather the ability to question everything that a person thinks he knows. For Harry Giles, it’s all about nurturing giftedness through research, applied research and ultimate success. In his book entitled Nurturing Giftedness to Genius: How to Increase Your Intelligence, he shares how he advanced his level of intelligence and how he utilized it for the common good.

Visits to fourteen countries; studies on the approaches of forty different schools; and lectures in three different areas in a university, these are just a few of the factors that Giles’s book highlights as he reveals how he came to know the things he thought he would never know of at first. He shares that when he first got into a university, he knew nothing about preschool, primary school, or secondary school except the fact that he had passed through them. But with his interest of becoming more knowledgeable, Giles, together with his psychologist wife decided to run the first bilingual school in Canada. Unfortunately for them, he had to take on a responsibility of becoming a headmaster, at the same time continue his practice of law to be able to fund the school as it was growing dramatically. Without a doubt, Giles’s continuous research led him to finding the best schools in the world. He visited them and adopted their procedures – and had landed on one of the best academic schools in the world. Giles discloses the details about how this school dominated the Putnam University Level Mathematics Competition, as well the other competitions in the world. His experiences taught him to target and hire the most gifted teachers to teach at the Toronto French School. But just like every endeavor, he did not only have the best days of doing research, he also had some challenges while doing so, as not everyone understood his complex approaches and early academic intervention, but nevertheless he continued doing his passion after seeing the younger crowd had an increased measure in their IQ. Now he shares to every reader how he got to where he is right now.

The story, even with its biographical approach, does not only orbit on Gile’s life, but it also teaches every reader the important techniques on how to unleash a person’s potential. Furthermore, it highlights how research and applied research contribute to one’s ultimate success. The facts about the best schools in the world can also become a reference to the students who wish to learn more than they can, and parents who want to develop a genius in the family. Lastly, the challenges that the author had encountered are things that will help every reader realize that truly, intelligence is measured through his ability to change and or adapt to change. This book invites you to nurture your giftedness – a must-read for people of all ages!

About the Author:
He is a man of love, religion, loves English especially lyric poetry, classical music, especially derived from the piano and violin, and the human voice. My wife died of chemotherapy at 44, and I have become a self-healer since. I love beauty in all its forms, and hunger for it. In most things I become obsessed by my inquiries.. The thing I find myself incapable of dealing with is boredom, except by music, and reading.

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