New Sunrise Simulating Alarm Clock App for Smart Lights Aims to Help You Feel Better in the Morning

“Sunrise & Shine” makes waking up a little easier with a sunrise simulating alarm clock app.

Online PR News – 17-November-2017 – Toronto, ON – Can a wake-up light really make waking up easier? Sleep therapy science says yes. Numerous studies have found that artificial dawns, and different light colours affecting hormones, moods, heart rates, circadian rhythms can heavily influence how you feel when you wake up.

The newly launched app “Sunrise & Shine” for iOS programs HomeKit enabled smart lights (Philips Hue, Ikea Tradfri, LIFX etc.) to work as dawn simulators.

“The purpose of a wake-up light isn’t to actually wake you up; it's to bring you into a lighter phase of sleep.” adds the app founder, with ease inc. “When you avoid waking up in the middle of a deep stage of your sleep cycle, it’s easier to get up, leaving you feeling more rested, energetic, and ready to go.”

“Sunrise & Shine” creates a 30-minute alarm for smart lights that starts softly and shifts from a dim red, to orange, then yellow, brightening to a cool white at maximum intensity by the time set. Natural colour smart lights will adjust from warm to cool temperatures, and white lights brighten from dim to full intensity.

Since the app is built for Homekit, Apple’s home automation framework and platform, people can mix and match lights from different manufacturers, and use as many bulbs as they’d like to wake-up to, resulting in more lumens being emitted than other wake-up light alarms.

Sunrise & Shine is free to download in the Apple App Store.

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Platform: iOS 11+, universal app for iPhone & iPad

Release Dat: October 21st, 2017

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