Author Brings His Compilation Of Short Stories At The Miami Book Fair 2017!

Author Brings His Compilation Of Short Stories At The Miami Book Fair 2017!

Online PR News – 14-November-2017 – Orlando, FL – The books are definitely coming to downtown Miami as the nation’s finest literary festival, the Miami Book Fair International holds its annual celebration. This eight-day literary party will commence on the 12th of November and is expected to have over hundred-thousand readers and writers in attendance. Distinguished authors from the United States and other parts of the globe, as well as book lovers, will be gracing the Fair and its many activities.

Formerly known as “Books by the Bay”, the Miami Book Fair was founded in 1984 by Miami-Dade College. The growth and success of the very first event which took place in the same year were endeavored by Miami-Dade College in cooperation with the Miami-Dade Public Library System, Wolfson Campus President, Eduardo J. Padron, and local independent bookstore owners Mitchell Kaplan of Books & Books and Craig Pollock of BookWorks. The team had reached their success during the 90’s, when the two-day street fair grew steadily and became the largest literary festival in the country, thus acquiring its well-earned name, Miami Book Fair.

Once again, the Festival will bring over hundreds of renowned national and international exhibitors together as it continues to become a model for other fairs across the country. Events and activities include the Street Fair, book signings, an interactive children’s area, live music, workshops, and a special six-night event, “Evenings With…” featuring readings and discussions with notable authors from both, the U.S., and from around the world.

This year, BookBlastPro and Lois E. Lund will be joining the Street Fair weekend together with more than 450 authors and exhibitors. The Festival of Authors will take place on the 17th - 19th of November and the festival-goers can expect to see Lund at the BookBlastPro booth where they will have the opportunity to learn about him and his Religion book entitled, Faith in Action: A Compilation of Short Stories, Second Edition. They may even witness the filming of his interview, and will have a chance for a personal; book signing!

Lois E. Lund pens Faith in Action: A Compilation of Short Stories, Second Edition, a book that divulges the author’s life amidst his disability. The author shares several inspiring stories of his loved ones, the things he has been passionate about, and how God gave changed him. Having to deal with his challenges, Lund did not really know his relatives at the beginning because it required traveling from Indiana to Iowa just to meet them and get to know them. Family vacations had helped him cope and it inspired him to write stories that talk about his treasures, everyone that he loves. Although he admits the troubles that he experiences within himself, his faith in God keeps him alive and gets him going. Thus, some of the stories that he incorporated in this book are Bible stories that will inspire each reader. Experience a life lesson from a faithful believer in God, the person who has not found his true happiness until he prayed to God and found hope again. Faith in Action: A Compilation of Short Stories, Second Edition offers a riveting story about life struggles and one’s belief in God. This is a must-read Religion book at the Miami Book Fair!

The Miami Book Fair invites the book lovers to join the annual celebration as it remains to uphold the cognizance of reading ability and literary arts in the city’s multi-ethnic community, making it the nation’s undisputable, finest literary festival!

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