Pro-Medics Prides Themselves on Privacy when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction

Pro-Medics encourages privacy-minded individuals to seek advice and buy erectile dysfunction medications in a safe and confidential forum.

Online PR News – 30-October-2009 – – Berlin, Germany – October 30, 2009 – Pro-Medics is proud to present erectile dysfunction treatments to the German popular at affordable prices and with a strictly enforced privacy policy. The site offers "discreet" prescription drugs for which a large public demand has emerged.

Men and women who suffer from sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction and weak libido, now have a safe and confidential place where they can ask questions, seek free medical advice, and purchase sexual arousal and performance drugs like Viagra or Cialis.

Individuals who seek these treatments no longer need to hide behind magazines in their doctors’ offices, worried that they’ll see someone they know. They can now avoid uncomfortable conversations with their family doctors. Most importantly, by providing sexual performance drugs online, Pro-Medics is giving these individuals a right to their privacy.

Hubert Chase, Director of Product Development in Germany, explains: "We want people to feel comfortable addressing their sexual needs, without having to face embarrassing or awkward situations. Many people would rather forego treatment rather than air their personal lives in public like at the doctor’s office or at the neighborhood drugstore. Pro-Medics provides a safe and confidential forum where people can ask their questions and receive the care and medications they need, without a prior prescription and with complete professional discretion."

Pro-Medics carries a whole line of discreet drugs, from erectile dysfunction treatments, to diet pills, to skin care products. Free consultations are available with full-time medical advisors and shipments are done efficiently, quickly, and confidentially.

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