Global EMF Solutions Present Groundbreaking EnergyDOTs For EMF Protection

Global EMF Solutions came up with a truly innovative and essential range of products to protect people and pets from EMF radiation, called energyDOTs.

Online PR News – 15-November-2017 – Devon – To put all concerns regarding harmful EMF radiation to rest, Global EMF Solutions presents its innovative range of energyDOTs. These energyDOTs are specifically programmed, self-adhesive DOTs that help to harmonise the dangerous effects of non-optical and manmade electromagnetic fields. With this product range, the company aims to provide complete solutions for not just humans, but also pets. Their products are also recommended for pregnant women and children.
The spokesperson for the company shed more light on their pioneering range of DOTs saying, “We have carefully developed energyDOTs to help humans and pets live a protected life. Everyday we are being exposed to unprecedented levels of EMF radiations at home, work and even outside due to our excessive use of mobile phones, televisions, Wi-Fi, fax machines, refrigerators and so on. Giving up all of these facilities and conveniences is definitely not an option and this is why, we got together to create a product that offers optimum EMF protection.”

He further added, “Our products include DOTs for different devices and environments. For instance, we have smartDOTs that are ideal for people who use mobile phones, computers and other such wireless devices. We also have a bioDOT that helps to protect the user from the EMF radiations emitted from the wireless devices of people around them. This DOT is programmed using a very powerful technology, called Phi that helps to re-tune the energy field of the user.”
In addition to smartDOT for gadgets and bioDOT for personal use, the company also provides spaceDOT for cleansing the environment in your home or office, aquaDOT for filtering the water purifier systems, petDOT for the protection of your pets and so on.

The spokesperson also gave us an insight into an innovative product that they have created to help people sleep better and said, “We went a step further with our DOT technology and incorporated it with sleepMAT. Our years of research have showed that radiation from mobile phones, Wi-Fi and other gadgets often interfere with sleep patterns. Our mat is programmed to reduce the effects of radiation and has a sleepDOT stitched in between the centres of the mat. With this product, we hope to eliminate all interference to sleep patterns.”

When asked how to use the DOTs, the CEO of Global EMF Solutions said, “We have ensured that our DOTs can be easily used by everyone. As you might know already, our energyDOTs are self-adhesive DOTs. Users will simply have to pull the protective back cover off and stick it to their devices, water purification system or anywhere that they deem fit. With our DOTs, protecting them from the harmful radiation of EMF just got extremely easy and hassle-free.”

The energyDOTs might seem inconsequential, but you should not go on their size. Even though the DOTs are only 21mm ultra-slim magnetic discs, they contain powerful technology that helps to protect against EMFs. The energyDOTs are activated by Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology that has been exclusively designed by Global EMF Solutions Limited.

Before signing off, the CEO said, “Our online shop offers complete product descriptions, along with how to use information for each of our energyDOTs.”
Global EMF Solutions offers consumers the opportunity to purchase their pioneering products online without any hassle. They want to make protection from EMF available at the fingertips of everyone who loves gadgets, but wants to live a healthy and protected life. Moreover, they will be providing tempting deals and offers from time to time for the benefit of their consumers. They are also offering combo deals, such as bioBAND + smartDOT, bioTAG + smartDOT, bioCLIP + smartDOT and so on.

About the Company: energydots by Global EMF Solutions Limited offers a comprehensive range of energyDOTs that are designed specifically for protection against EMF radiation. The DOTs help to make the environment safe for both humans and pets. They are self-adhesive and can be applied very easily simply by pulling off the protective backing paper.

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