CogniBrain Emerges as a Global Leader in Supporting Diverse Biomedical Research Projects

CogniBrain, a leading healthcare services organization has emerged as a global leader in supporting diverse biomedical research projects.

Online PR News – 15-November-2017 – Chennai – CogniBrain, a leading healthcare services organization has emerged as a global leader in supporting diverse biomedical research projects. Biomedical research projects are necessary to unravel the mysteries that lay hidden in the interior of the medicines or therapeutic agents.
Imagine what will happen if we have no answers on how to diagnose a disease or how to treat it effectively? The burden of the health problems will increase and we would force our future generations into darkness and suffering.
Thus, supporting biomedical research projects is a great contribution towards building the future of scientific research and helping the suffering humanity.
CogniBrain has emerged as a global leader by offering research support through its wide network of research scientists. It has become an affirmative biomedical research land which offers economical and trustworthy scientific research support. Whatever be the domain of research study, CogniBrain offers a one-stop solution to all the research needs.
Given the obstacles of delayed availability of reagents and antibodies, inadequate lab facilities, lack of expertise in handling instruments, and time or cost constraints, many researchers are not able to complete their studies successfully. The situation is further worsened by the lack of cost-effective and reliable animal testing, anti-microbial testing or toxicology testing labs.
CogniBrain strives to conquer these obstacles by offering end-to-end research support at a low cost. It offers research services through domain experts in Pharmacology, Toxicology, Reproductive Biology, Teratology, Behavioural Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Drug formulation, Histopathology, Herbal drug testing, and Pharmacokinetics.
To enable advanced toxicity testing of formulated drugs, herbal extracts, cosmetics, pesticides, surgical aids, packaging materials, cooking utensils, food additives, and room fresheners, CogniBrain has designed all its labs with hi-tech equipment and facilities.
Many researchers in the field of herbal drug testing are in a search for a proper protocol to guide them in the collection of raw materials, their processing, phytochemical screening, preparation of extracts, and evaluation of their physicochemical properties. CognBrain has influenced these researchers by providing this protocol along with the required lab expertise.
Acting as an engineer in formulating all biomedical research activities, CogniBrain has provided speed and accuracy to them. The increasing number of CogniBrain clients speaks volumes of its efficacy and commitment in research support services.
It has further introduced the in vitro research activities pertaining to anti-microbial testing, anti-viral testing, anti-malarial testing, cytotoxicity, and immunohistochemistry. CogniBrain has created a landmark by becoming the top-notch lab support system in biomedical research.