Lock USB 1.0.2 Released - A Software Beyond Imagination

Lock USB is an improved USB security software like no other. Lock USB is fast, unique & reliable regarding the service it offers.

Online PR News – 11-November-2017 – Beaverton, Oregon – The era of Technology:

Nowadays, we are in possession of multiple gadgets which have made our lives quite easier. From cell phones to USB drives, various devices are now a regular part of our daily life. Such devices have undoubtedly made our lives a living heaven as now; we’re well able to communicate with our loved ones regardless of the locational gap, well able to travel with data using portable drives, and a lot more.

Technology – A Relief or a Burden?

Back in the days, (20 years ago) such technology didn’t exist. The boom of such gadgets started after 2000, and the rest is history. But such convenience also attracts some demerits with it as the devices we commonly used are quite user-friendly at first look but are a bit open to threats to the prying eyes.

For example, the USB drives we use to travel along with our data are small, handy, useful and adequate at first look but are regularly attacked by the hacking and prying eyes which are in search of some data leaks. But this is something that you’re already aware of and has already become a known myth to almost every user. The key point is how we can protect our devices from such threatening hackers? Well, it’s simple. Multiple software(s) related to security exist to help you overcome such fears and worries. Some of them are up to the promise they make while some are not. The main feature of these software(s) is that they can encrypt your data to make sure it does not get decrypted by any third party (anyone except you).

Lock USB – Reliable USB Security Software!

An emerging app known as Lock USB is created with enough firepower to restrict anyone from viewing or accessing your files without your consent or simply illegally. It protects your USB drives, flash drives, and other external drives to make sure your data stays locked on all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and file systems like FAT32/NTFS/exFAT.


Lock USB is fully portable, fast, and is ready to run all OSes. Also, it does not require any admin privileges and has the option of simple plug and play. Other security options include saving lost found information which can be used to prevent the data theft of your private/valuable data and restrict the unauthorized use or leakage of data.

Furthermore, Lock USB is well equipped with the feature of password protection. This simply means that you can password protect your flash drives, external drives, USB drives, etc. Lock USB also lets you use the feature of foolproof of password protection for portable data.

Overall, this portable security tool is reliable enough to eliminate all the emerging threats that result in data loss and is quite affordable if compared to the service it offers.

For more detail visit our official website: http://www.lock-usb.net/