HQBE - Let’s Cheer Together, Launching First of Its Kinds App For Party Goers and Drink Lovers!

: HQBE - Let’s Cheer Together is going to launch its brand new service oriented app for android and iOS users.

Online PR News – 11-November-2017 – New Delhi – In the times when mobile apps are increasingly becoming a remedy to everything, the curtain raiser to HQbe created well grounded intrigue for mobile app users with its offerings on board. Soon followed by the launch of mobile application product, the recent interaction with the team unraveled many facts in and around building of the product. rnrnEntirely based on cloud computing at the backend servers, for a quick and effective interface with pubs, bars, restaurants and food joints in and around the capital, the business initiative is taking a geographical kick-start from Delhi & NCR and later plans to spread its wings in Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. As spoken to Gagan Saxena, Founder, the interesting inside story behind HQbe unraveled itself. In his words, "The idea came about when we experienced and also witnessed many urban class working professionals looking for meaningful and easy-on-pocket breaks from daily chaos of life, and find some relaxation revolving around partying, drinks, good ambience and good company. There is always a need to discover best places to drink at, and the preferred restaurants, choice of food are always much sought after. It was then, when we thought of combining all of it in one single mobile usable product which can be handed over to every smart phone user's hand who is at legal drinking age, and all the questions related to partying, food and drinks can be answered. HQbe got conceived!"rnrnWhen asked about the core team and their expertise, Gagan said "We are a closely knit team of 5 people who are involved in ideation, execution, concept building, design & development and legal aspects of this business initiative." As it is clear that this mobile app would be dealing with liquor and drinks hence the question of legal compliances arises. Answering the same Gagan added, "Our business model itself promotes the idea of drinking within legal compliances and purview by encouraging people of legal drinking age to find better places. Keeping the same in mind, we are working within the hemisphere of rules and regulations posed by government, and our business model is devised keeping every adherence in mind.”rnrnGagan also talked about various struggles that the team had to go through while building the concept and finally reaching the end product, right from the conception to team creation to getting into a boot-strap business model and finally bringing the product to light of the day. rnrnThe app offers to let users discover their favourite liquor at best available prices and restaurants as per their location. Any smart phone user can log in to HQbe and find great places for food and liquor that fits in their budget too. rnrnCurrently, feelers of the end product are available on social media platforms which will be soon replaced by better and effectual digital marketing activities. The tentative launch date is proposed in second week of November, 2017. rnrn“Year 2017 has been extremely crucial. One needs to share such stories with the audience so they know what is on the cards and what went into building it. It is one of the proudest products for the entire team and we are waiting for the launch eagerly. Sometimes, you see, it is important to tell your story to the people to connect with them in flesh and blood.” These were the last words from the founder, Gagan Saxena.