Project Heha, A Global Movement to Co-Create a Happier World, Kicks Off Wellness and Happiness Exploration Through Philosophy and Cross Sector Initiatives

Online PR News – 10-November-2017 – United States – Project Heha, a worldwide movement originating from Hong Kong to co-create a happier world, is kicking off its mission to explore the happiness and health of people worldwide across multiple sectors. From hosting a global call for happiness ideas, to their free downloadable book that shares a unique 5+1+Others framework to inspire the pursuit of happiness, Project Heha is bringing their unprecedented mission of positive change to a global platform.

Founded by Sammy Lee, Chief Invisible Officer at LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG), this movement was inspired by his own experiences running a multi-billion dollar business and realizing that his health and overall wellbeing was deteriorating. After experiencing a downfall in all crucial aspects of his life, Lee took charge to restructure the core areas and focused on exploring ways to seek happiness and a healthier lifestyle.

From his own exploration stemmed Project Heha’s 5+1+Others framework—a simple list of habits and practices focused on the core areas of our life 5 (Health, Family, Work, Friends, Leisure) + 1 (Mindset). This process of habit changes for improvement, perception change and personal evaluation helped Lee better his wellbeing and happiness and led him on his mission to inspire the global community to find ways to pursue their own happiness.

Part of Project Heha’s and Sammy Lee’s initiatives include his free downloadable book, “Project Heha: The Movement to Co-Create a Happier World,” which focuses on his anecdotes as he was pursuing a better and happier lifestyle and how the 5+1+Others model helped adjust his perception and improve his life to this day.

“Our mission is to co-create ideas with global communities to with the ultimate goal of happiness and health in mind,” stated Sammy Lee, Project Heha Founder and LKKHPG Chairman. “Whether it be through tech or the 5+1+Others philosophy, we know that there are other methods that we want to discover, promote and make accessible to the global community. Our mission isn’t just our way. Our mission is global happiness.”

Project Heha kicked off one of their initiatives this month, the Super Happiness Challenge, in partnership with Silicon Valley think tank, Singularity University. The Super Happiness Challenge is a global call for ideas and startup solutions sharing the same mission as Project Heha to co-create a happier world. After receiving over 500 entries, the top 10 finalists presented their ideas at GSV Labs in Redwood City.

The two winners were EcoTanzania and WeFarm from Tanzania and the United Kingdom. EcoTanzania is a micro health insurance program that uses garbage as a financial resource for those uninsured and in need of health coverage and other clinical services. WeFarm is a concept to connect small-scale farmers in rural areas to information they need to collaborate and grow together.

Both of these ideas addressing humanity’s challenges in holistic wellbeing are based on Project Heha’s philosophy and exploration of worldwide solutions to happiness and global collaboration from individuals searching to serve the most unmet need in the world, happiness.

As the movement seeks to involve everyone through co-creation and inspiration, Project Heha also offers workshops for self-improvement and happiness in addition to Sammy Lee’s free downloadable book. Are you ready to join the movement and be happy? Visit us at for more information.

Project HeHa is a movement to co-create a world of Super Happiness. It is founded by Sammy Lee, the chairman of LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG). The goal of Project Heha is to help everyone live happier lives - Heha lives - through specific actions and a global ecosystem. As an advocate of Super Happiness, we want to practice our philosophy, and help others learn it and pass it on to people everywhere. By helping everyone to develop habits that bring positive change, we hope we can help the whole world to live happier, healthier and more successful lives. For more information on Project Heha, go to

Natalie Obando