How To Boost Traffic And Reader Engagement With Videos In Your Press Releases


Let’s face it. Attracting attention with your press releases is tough. There’s a ton of competition out there, all vying for the limited time and attention of journalists and consumers. Writing a great headline and summary, including Google-friendly links, and using an engaging writing style, while all important, are just the beginning. To use a basketball analogy, they get you a seat on the bench; they don’t guarantee that you’ll get playing time.


That’s where video content gives you a serious edge. With it, your press releases have a much better chance of making a lasting impression on anyone who reads them.

Why You Should Include Videos With Your Press Releases


How would you like your news announcements to produce more views, more full-page reads, more clickthroughs, better engagement, and ultimately, more action on the part of readers? A lot of savvy business owners are reporting those exact results after embedding short videos into their press releases.


The reasons are simple.


People respond to voices and faces in a way that text can’t possibly match. In addition, the emotions of the person in the videos – the excitement, passion, etc. – are catching; they spread to the person watching them. Plus, videos contain movement; even simple hand motions and animations draw attention.


Those things boost reader engagement. Folks are more likely to read your press releases in their entirety and click through to your site to join your newsletter, read your blog, or buy your products.  


While original video content is recommended, an existing video from another source is completely fine to use as well, as long as it is relevant. For the purposes of this post, we’re talking about how to create, publish and use original content.

How Hard Is It To Produce A Short Video?


If you’ve never created a video for a press release, you might think it’s complicated. But it’s actually simple. All you need is an idea, a tool to shoot the video, and a place to upload it when you’re done.


First, brainstorm the idea for your video. For example, you might be announcing the redesign of your website, the hiring of a new CEO, or the launch of a new product. Once you have your idea, create a script. Do this and practice even if you’re a fantastic improviser.


Next comes shooting your video. For a really simple approach, use your smartphone or computer’s webcam. Neither tool will help you win an Academy Award, but both will get the job done, and smartphone cameras have come a long way in video quality. Having said that, if you happen to have access to more professional recording equipment, by all means take advantage of it.

Where To Upload Your Video


Once you’ve finished shooting your video, it’s time to put it online. The press release distribution platform here at Online PR Media can embed videos uploaded to YouTube and Google Video. Those two sites should be your first choice. Once your video is on either site, pulling it into your press release is as easy as copying and pasting the embed code.


Since you’ve gone to the trouble of shooting a video, why not squeeze as much mileage from it as possible? After you upload it to YouTube or Google, put it on DailyMotion, Vimeo, and of course your business’s Facebook and Instagram sites. Each of these sites receive search traffic, which means more exposure for you.

4 Tips For Creating Engaging Press Release Videos


The goal is to create a press release video that grabs and holds the viewer’s attention. In the same way that no one will read a boring press release, no one will watch a boring video. Here are 4 quick tips to keep folks engaged:

#1 – Keep It Short


Keep the length under 2 minutes. Beyond that point, you’ll test the viewer’s attention span.

#2 – Don’t “Wing It”


Create a script and practice. We mentioned it earlier, but it’s worth repeating. This is not the time to improvise.

#3 – Use Charts


If it’s possible to get your point across with a chart, use a chart. It doesn’t need to be complex. In fact, the simpler it is, the better. Remember the charts that presidential-hopeful Ross Perot used to show on television? Sure, they were corny. But they got people’s attention.

#4 – Focus On The First 15 Seconds


The first 15 seconds of your video are critical. After that point, the viewer’s attention span will start to wane. So pack your most important information, including your call to action, in the beginning.


Here’s the takeaway: putting videos in your press releases will make your announcements more intriguing to the reader. The videos will increase your views and clicks, and drive traffic to your site. The good news is that creating them is a lot easier than it looks.

Your Turn!


Have you been putting videos into your press releases? If so, do you have any tips on how to create videos that strike a chord with viewers? If you’ve been holding off on creating video content for your press releases, is there a particular reason? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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