Father’s Day Promotions To Boost Your Bottom Line


Although Father’s Day isn’t a paid holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it does fall on a Sunday. That means most of your customers will be home – or at least, not at their jobs – on the day of your promotion. The challenge is coming up with ideas that grab their attention and motivate them to participate.


Not sure what types of promotions to create for the holiday? Here are 6 simple and cost-effective ways you can work Father’s Day into your marketing calendar.


#1 – Hold A Facebook Contest


Encourage your customers to post pictures of their fathers and husbands doing what they do best. That might include playing with their kids, fixing the car, or cooking dinner. Ask people to vote on their favorites or select the winners yourself. Give the winners a free gift, such as a major discount on your hottest-selling product or a gift card to a local home improvement store.


#2 – Pay For Dinner


When someone buys something from your site, send them a gift card to a restaurant in their city. Treat them to a Father’s Day dinner on you. You can even let them pick the restaurant of their choice at the time of their order.


To make the offer financially viable, limit it to orders that exceed a certain dollar amount. For example, you might send customers a $50 gift card if they spend $250 or more.


Tip: you can buy gift cards at a discount from auction sites, card-swapping sites, and club stores, such as Costco.


#3 – Offer A Code-Enabled Discount


Allow visitors to your site on June 15th to get a discount if they type in a special Father’s Day code. For example, offer to slash prices by 30% if they type “I love my dad!” in a special field during the checkout process.


If you run a traditional storefront, you can still use this idea. Simply let your customers know that they can get the discount by saying “I love my dad!” to the person at the register.


#4 – Gift Wrap Your Products


If you sell items that people might purchase as gifts for their dads – for example, golf shirts, power tools, premium beef jerky, etc. – offer to gift wrap them. Also, let your customers submit heartfelt or humorous notes that can be sent along with the gifts.


#5 – Offer A Fun Giveaway Item


This promotion idea is meant to be fun and playful. If people have a fun time shopping at your site, they’ll be left with a positive impression of you and your company.


Here’s how it works:


When someone orders a product from your site on Father’s Day, let them choose a fun giveaway item they can give to their fathers and husbands. For example, offer to send a pair of stress balls with a note that says, “Because being an awesome dad is a stressful job!” Or send a special Father’s Day first-aid kit that has the words “Be careful dad!” emblazoned on the top. Dads can keep it handy when they tackle those pesky do-it-yourself jobs around the house.


The point is to give your customers a fun way to celebrate the holiday.


#6 – Send A Father’s Day T-Shirt With Orders


Along with every order that meets a certain dollar amount, send a t-shirt that lists the reasons we love our dads. For example, print the words “27 Reasons I Love My Dad” on the front of the shirt at the top and cover the front and back with the following:


  • He’s honest.
  • He’s hardworking.
  • He’s devoted.
  • He’s dependable.
  • He’s patient.
  • He laughs at my jokes.
  • He can fix anything.
  • He’s a great cook.
  • He loves his family.


Include a few humorous lines too, such as:


  • He still has some hair on his head.
  • He doesn’t snore too loudly.
  • He lets me have the TV remote.


Make sure the t-shirt is made of quality material so it doesn’t fall apart after a few wash cycles.


How To Get The Word Out


These are some great promotion ideas that will entice people to patronize your business on and around Father’s Day. But, how do you get the word out?


  • Send out a press release!
  • Email the people on your mailing list
  • Post to your social media accounts – consider a paid ad to target specific demographics
  • Submit guest blogs and mention the promo in your author bio
  • Use onsite CRO software, such as Picreel, to create popup offers that alert site visitors to promotions (Bonus: this builds your email list as well!)
  • Post in-store signage
  • Hand out postcards or fliers


Father’s Day gives us an opportunity to acknowledge everything our dads do for us and those around them. Why not use the holiday to inject a little fun and excitement into your marketing campaigns? Start with the 6 ideas we’ve covered above. Each one can be used to generate goodwill among your customers and boost your profits regardless of your niche!


Your Turn!


Are you planning to run a Father’s Day promotion this year? What type of offer are you planning to make to your customers? Are you having trouble coming up with ideas that will work for your industry? Leave a comment below and mention your niche. We’ll put our heads together and brainstorm some fun promotions you can use!

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