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Simple Social Media Marketing Tricks To Boost Holiday Sales It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and even large retailers rely on consumers' Q4 spending habits to make up a huge chunk of their total annual revenue. During the holiday season, people are even more prepared than usual to open their pocketbooks. In fact, the average American plans to spend nearly $800 on Christmas gifts this season.   Want a share of the action? Using social media marketing greatly increases your chances; a recent study showed that 37% of online shoppers say they use social media for purchase inspiration. Here are some quick tips to help you capitalize on an audience that is ready to spend.  

Host A Contest

  Hosting a contest to win a giveaway, or even a discount, gets people talking about your brand. And of course, who doesn't like to win free stuff!?   Posting a contest generally creates interaction with your post (think likes, shares, and comments), and in most social platforms, this engagement translates to higher post reach. Additionally, you can create contests that involve your followers sharing your brand content, tagging your brand, or using a contest hashtag, thus exposing your products/services to the audience of your fans (think "friends of friends").   Looking for some contest inspiration? Check out this article from Small Business Trends, which has social contest suggestions for various platforms customized to your product/service.  

Invest In Paid Ads

  If you have ever created a paid social ad campaign, you’ve likely seen the incredible reach that can be achieved on a very low budget. Since social media platforms capture 33% of the total time users spend online, paid ads are a great way to know you’re reaching users.   Want to know where to spend? Facebook is still favored by 96% of online marketers, who say it is a valuable marketing platform. In terms of type of media to use, videos appear to have the highest impact; in addition to having a higher organic reach in Facebook’s current algorithm, 64% of consumers say that watching a video on Facebook inspired them to make a purchase. To learn more about how to best use paid ads on each social platform for your specific goals, check out this article from Hootsuite.  

Work With Influencers

  A social media influencer is a person with a large social following that is generally considered an expert in a specific niche. For this reason, their opinion on products and services related to the niche carries a lot of weight. The idea behind influencer marketing is that influencers agree to review and share your product with their following, giving you instant exposure to huge new audience. In some cases, they are willing to do this for free. However, in most cases influencers receive payments from brands for the exposure.   Want to learn more about how partnering with a social media influencer can help increase your sales? Check out this infographic from Izea.  

Keep It Social

  When designing your holiday campaigns, don’t forget - social media is supposed to be SOCIAL. This means maintaining a positive and consistent brand personality and sharing posts that are of interest to your followers. It also means creating and responding to opportunities for authentic engagement by taking the time to respond to comments, questions, and certainly direct messages.   However, when it comes to sales and discounts - don’t shy away from posting them because it feels salesy and impersonal. A whopping 72% of consumers say they WANT brands to share discounts and sales on social media!  

Don’t Negate The Power Of Email

  We know - inboxes are inundated, and sometimes it may feel like the efforts of creating a content-filled newsletter or sales promotion are in vain. Remember, though, if someone has willingly provided you with their email address, rest assured they expect you to use it. That means they WANT your content. In fact, 86% of consumers say they would like to receive promotional emails at least monthly from companies they do business with.   Also, consider that traffic from email marketing campaigns has an average conversion rate of 4.29%, compared to direct traffic at 2.93% and social at 1.81%. Take some time to craft a festive email showcasing your best-sellers, sales, and promotions, and watch the results boost your bottom line. Additionally, you can (and should) include your social icons in your emails, and can even drive readers to your social sites to participate in contests or join the conversation!  

Share A Press Release

  Want big exposure on your hottest products or holiday sales or promotions? Write a press release! Online PR Media makes it simple and affordable with a variety of packages available to meet your distribution needs.   Once your press release has been published, use your Online PR Media press release report to choose a media site that has picked up your news - preferably one that your audience cares about or follows. Grab the link to the published release, then write a post that generates excitement about the release and explain how it impacts your audience.   Want more information on how to get the greatest impact of your press release on social media? Read our blog on the topic here.   Social media is a powerful platform for engaging your current followers and reaching a bigger audience. By using a variety of strategies, including press releases and email, social media marketing makes it easy to share your deals far and wide and boost holiday sales.  
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How To Choose A Press Release Topic You know that press releases can be leveraged to help your business gain online and media visibility, increase web traffic, and market your business. And yet, we hear time and again that businesses are stumped when it comes to drumming up a topic. They think they're not doing anything important enough, that the news needs to be earth-shattering to warrant a press release. But that's simply not the case. Your news just needs to matter to your audience.   Here are 10 powerful topic suggestions to use as a guide when creating effective, newsworthy online press releases that will catch the attention of your target audience.   (Psst… if you already have an Online PR Media account, you can access FREE press release templates for all 10 of these topics, and more!)  
  1. New Product or Service

Is your business planning to offer a brand-new product or service? A press release is the perfect opportunity for you to get the word out and invite customers to check out the new offering.  
  1. New Website, Feature or Enhancement

Whether you're launching a brand new website, or you've added features or enhancements, a press release lets you share the details and how visitors can expect an improved experience.  
  1. Reaction to News

When your company is featured in a blog post, article or interview, it demonstrates that you are a knowledge powerhouse in your industry. A press release can show your audience that yours is the business others turn to for relevant information and solutions.  
  1. New Digital Content (Whitepaper, e-Book, Video, etc)

Continually creating helpful, valuable and relevant content keeps your audience coming back for more. Promote new assets like e-Books and videos with a press release explaining how it benefits readers. Don't forget a link to access the new content!  
  1. Award or Accolade

Let your customers know when your hard work is being acknowledged. Don’t simply tell customers that you are the “best in the business.” Instead, show it with a press release announcing specific recognition.  
  1. Upcoming Event

Let your target audience know that your business is hosting or participating in a special event and why this is meaningful to them. Be sure to include relevant specifics such as the type of event (webinar, training, seminar, etc), what an attendee can expect to gain, and how your business is participating.  
  1. Contest or Giveaway Announcement

Announce a special contest or giveaway you are hosting by writing a press release. Include information about the prizes, and specific instructions for how to be entered to win.  
  1. Promotion or Sale Event

Announce an upcoming promotion or sale using a press release. Be sure to maintain a professional and informative tone, and avoid salesy or overtly promotional language. Include details on the offer itself, along with information on how your business provides a solution specific to your audience's needs.  
  1. New Strategic Partnership

Use a press release to share the exciting news of a merger or partnership and how this will benefit your customer base. Include relevant background information on your business and your new partner.  
  1. New Team Hire

When announcing a new hire in a news release, talk about how this person in their new role will change the company for the better from the perspective of your target audience.  

BONUS: Promote a Crowdfunding Campaign

  Crowdfunding has become popular in recent years as a way for companies and individuals to leverage social media and the internet to raise money, often even from complete strangers. If your business is trying to raise money for a fundraiser, event, or even as part of a new product launch, a press release is a great way to spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign.  

Have Important News to Share? Online PR Media Can Help.

  When choosing a press release topic, remember that a strong
press release is informative in nature, not an advertisement or opinion-based piece. When writing a press release, you want to provide objective information to demonstrate the value your business offers to your target audience, alongside facts about what makes your business unique, the solutions you offer, and relevant company background and qualifications.   If your company has an announcement to make, Online PR Media can help get your press release in front of your target audience with our strategic partnerships with hundreds of news and media sites. Login or create a free account to get started with online press release distribution today!
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