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Press releases play an important role in a well-rounded SEO and marketing strategy. Here are just a few benefits of publishing PRs through Online PR Media:

Press releases increase your brand's visibility and provide valuable backlinks to your website as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

When done regularly, they can help you acquire and maintain a presence in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

When a PR contains timely, relevant and valuable news, it is more likely to catch the eye of journalists and get picked up by top news sites.

Online PR Media press releases have built-in multimedia, social media, and search engine optimization features that create an attractive, functional press release that gets attention.

PRs feature a well-styled and professional link that makes them easy to share on social and your website.

Logos from news outlets that picked up your PR can be used to create an "as seen on" feature for your website.

The primary difference among the different packages we offer is their level of distribution. Higher priced packages get more distribution and full-page reprints around the web. A full-page reprint is a complete reprint of your entire press releases, including anchor text links. Lower priced packages get less distribution and fewer full-page reprints. The title of your PR may be displayed in a dynamic news feed that links back to Online PR Media, versus the PR living on the actual news site. Images/files, links, multimedia, reporting, and other features also vary between packages. Clicking the "compare packages" button under each press release package will show you the specific details that differentiate the packages.

Press releases should be newsworthy and informative in nature, not promotional or opinion-based. In order to maintain our reputation as a trusted news source, Online PR Media requires customers meet certain quality criteria. A complete list of submission guidelines plus press release writing examples can be found here:

Online PR Media is a trusted news source for online press release distribution. We have a network of more than 5300 media sites that we syndicate your press release to. At our $179 distribution level, you are guaranteed 40+ full-page reprints; at our $399 distribution level, we partner with PR Newswire for submission to more than 5,000 websites, including targeted industry journals, for a guaranteed 150+ full-page syndications. This is just one example of how our distribution packages build on each other, giving you the full benefits of the smaller packages in addition to the extra benefits in the larger ones.

We make every effort to process press release submissions quickly in the order in which they are received. However, press releases that are part of an upgraded package do receive premium placement and expedited approval. If you need your PR approved quickly, choose one of our upgraded press release distribution packages and include a note to the editors stating your urgency

To submit a press release, you need to register for a free account and create a username and password. Your free account gives you access to your own press release dashboard where you can add, edit, or delete press releases at any time. Once your account is active, you can purchase a press release distribution package using the "Buy Now" buttons below each package. Once a package is purchased, it will be waiting for you when you login. Simply click "Start PR Package" above the arrow and follow the prompts to upload your press release. When finished, save your PR, preview it, and then submit it for editorial review.

Free press releases stay on Online PR Media for 90 days. Paid distribution packages ($22 and up) stay on our site indefinitely. That is why our upgraded packages are such good value! The anchor text links included in the paid upgrade will be valid forever, which adds an element of longevity to your marketing strategy.

Yes -- you can make changes to your press release anytime on the Online PR Media site. To make changes to your press release, simply log into your dashboard, and on the PR you want to change, click "edit" and make changes. However, if you have chosen a $179 package or above, your press release is syndicated to a large news and press network. Once your press release has been "released" into the world, the only way to make changes on full-page reprints is to contact the editor of each website that picked up your news release.

Want to make sure you get it right the first time? Check out our professional Press Release Writing Services, which includes a free $179 Search Engine Visibility Press Release Package upgrade.

Many journalists will not use releases as news without proper contact information. This also helps your release get picked up for any local news settings (area code, zip code, etc) that journalists or bloggers may be using to filter news. Online PR Media requires the following fields be filled out when submitting a press release for distribution:

Media Contact Name - the name of the person to contact with questions regarding the contents of the release

Email - the email address where the Media Contact can be reached

Phone number - the phone number of the business

When you upload your press release, there will be a section with spots for 4 anchor text links. In the first field, you will enter the words you want displayed. In the field next to it, you will enter the complete URL that you want the words to link to. Online PR Media will automatically link the first instance of the words found in the document. Note* if the words you enter in the first field are not found in the body of the press release, you will receive an error message and will need to edit the body to ensure a match.

For $22 distribution packages and up, there will be fields to enter your Facebook and Twitter URLs. You will also be given the option to display latest feeds; the default is "no," selecting "yes" will embed your social streams into your PR on Online PR Media.

At this time, Online PR Media publishes press releases in English only. For international press releases in other languages, see the question below.

Yes. Through our partnership with GlobeNewsWire, your news can reach nearly every corner of the globe. With distribution to more than 170 countries, in 40 languages, you can target entire regions or individual countries with your news. Contact us to learn more about global distribution options and to get a quote.

Absolutely! Our goal is to help you publish quality press releases. If your press release does not meet our editorial guidelines, we'll send you information explaining how to lift the editorial hold. However, if you choose not to make the changes to lift the hold, we will refund your upgrade fee with no questions asked.

Yes - if you are looking to make a purchase of multiple press releases at once, you can select the type that you would like and proceed to checkout. You will have the option to add multiple press releases to your cart prior to submitting payment information. If you would like to purchase multiple types of press releases, you will need to place separate orders for each type. Packages can not be combined at time of purchase.

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