4 Budget-Friendly Summer Promotion Ideas That Can Heat Up Your Business

You don’t have to sell items specifically geared to this time of year to leverage the season. You just have to use a little creativity to come up with fun summertime promotions your audience will respond to.


Actually, scratch the creativity part. We’re giving you 4 summer marketing ideas on a silver platter! Use one, or all of them, to celebrate the season and inject a little summer fun into your promotions.


#1 – Organize A Parking Lot Picnic


This is perfect for brick and mortar shops and service providers like attorneys, insurance agents, and realtors. For this promotion, all you need is a grill, some meat, and lots of hungry customers. Your customers can enjoy tasty food hot off the grill while they peruse your shop or chat with other customers. The food will lighten their mood and may even motivate them to pull out their wallets.


How do you let folks know about the event? Send out a few press releases, post about it on your company blog, and make sure you mention it on your social media sites. Start promoting the date a few weeks in advance to give folks plenty of time to make plans to stop by.


#2 – Show Your July 4th Spirit


The Fourth of July means different things to different people. If you have young children, it’s an opportunity to take them to a fireworks show (or set off the fireworks yourself, depending on where you live). If you’re patriotic, the day might be spent celebrating the country’s independence from Britain. If you’re a teenager, it means sun, surf, and sand.


The point is, July 4th gives you a lot of ways to generate buzz around your business. Here are a few ideas:


  • Set up several U.S. flags at the entrance to your store and have your employees wear Uncle Sam hats.
  • Host an Independence Day BBQ cookout (see the previous idea above), complete with patriotic music playing in the background.
  • Organize a “Declaration Of Independence From High Prices” sale to commemorate the date and boost your sales.


If you run your business online, you can still use the above ideas. For example, change the background of your site to one that showcases the U.S. flag. Or simply slash your prices for the Fourth of July in honor of the date.


#3 – Offer Beach-Related Giveaways With Purchases


For a lot of folks, summer means taking trips to the beach or lake. It’s the perfect time to strip down to one’s swim trunks or bathing suit and sunbathe, body surf, or take the boat out on the water. So why not give away beach-related items your customers will need?


For example, give away a pair of flip-flops to anyone who spends $20 in your store. Give folks who spend $35 a tube of high-SPF sunscreen. And to customers who shell out $50 or more, throw in a pair of UV protection sunglasses. The summer-themed giveaways will add excitement and increase your store’s average sales price.


#4 – Host A “Product Of The Week” Sale


You don’t need to wait for summer to run with this idea, but since the season is right around the corner, now’s a good time to plan it. Here’s how it works:


Feature a specific product each week. The product itself doesn’t have to be summer-related. All you have to do is find a way to mention the season in your promotional copy.


For example, suppose you run an online store that sells dog-related items, and want to feature a high-end organic treat the first week. Mention in your copy that summer is a dog’s favorite time of year since he has more chances to get out of the house. And what better way to motivate him to behave outdoors than by promising him a tasty and healthy treat?


Feature a different product in your store each week and find a way to tie it back to summer. It’s easier than you think!


Get The Word Out


No matter what type of summer promotion you’re planning, the important thing is that you spread the word! A press release is an effective and cost-efficient way to quickly share your news with your target audience. Once your release is published, it’s important to do some self promotion: grab a link of the release published on a relevant news or media site and share it on your website, social sites and in your newsletter email. Go a step further and personally reach out to editors asking them to pick up your press release.


If you’re a local business, you can put up signs in your office or store, post flyers around the community or do a direct mail postcard.


Don’t let the summertime sales blues pummel your store’s revenues. Use the season as an excuse to add some fun and excitement into your promotions! The ideas we’ve covered above will give your customers a reason to stop by your store – online or off – and open their wallets to add a little sizzle to your sales.


Your Turn!


Have you ever put together a summer-related event to promote your business? How did it turn out? Did you use press releases or social media marketing to spread the word about the event? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!


Kevin Petersen

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