Snake game for Windows Phone 7 now available

A revival of the classic snake game of the '70 and '80 is now available in new design for WIndows Phone 7 (WP7). The App presents one classic and an full graphic mode with sound support.

Online PR News – 18-December-2010 – – As the title of the game suggests, this game is a remake of the classic snake game from the 70's. As with the original game you are going to navigate a snake as long as possible. The classic version was controlled by the arrow buttons of a keyboard or by the gamepad of a console. This remake is controlled by your fingers wiping the screen. This remake of snake does, in adition to the clasic mode, provide you with a new mode called: feeding mode. This new mode was designed with lots of attention to detail.

Classic mode:
The goal of this mode is to survive as long as possible by not colliding with a wall or parts of the snake itself. The longer the snake is moving the more points are gained. The number of points gained is dependent on the chosen speed of the game. The faster the game, the more points are gained each second.

Feeding mode:
The goal of this mode is similar to the classic mode, but in adition to gaining points for the time survived, you can get points by eating mices and rabbits. This mode does contain obstacles which you should not collide with. Colliding with an obstacle results in loosing the game. There a few obstacles like fallen trees, campfires, deep holes and so on. You only get to the next level when each and every mouse and rabbit is eaten by the snake. But keep in mind, that you can earn much more points by switching over to the next level at a later point in time, because you gain points with every growth of the snake.

- not every game is the same, because mices and rabbits are always distributed at different locations. So it's always fun to play the game again.
- the menu features a pleasant music creating a beautiful ambience
- also the sound in-game is pleasant. If the snake collides with an obstacle a sound is played. Each obstacle has its own sound.

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