Wireless Innovation Forum Announces Approval of its FY2017 Operations Plan by Membership

Seven high level objectives supported by projects of Spectrum Sharing, Advanced Technologies and International SCA Standards Committees

Online PR News – 13-September-2016 – Washington, D.C. – The Wireless Innovation Forum (http://www.WirelessInnovation.org), a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today announced the approval of its 2017 Operations plan by its membership. The Wireless Innovation Forum Board of Directors has established the following high level objectives for the Forum for the period from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 in executing on the Forum’s Strategic Plan:

• Brand the Forum as the preferred venue for the Spectrum Sharing Community
• Identify New Market Area Relevant to the Forum’s Mission
• Execute on the Strategic Plan of the Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards (CCSCA)
• Establish a Test and Certification Strategy for WInnForum Standards
• Establish Relevant Projects
• Improve Regional Support
• Grow Revenue

These objectives are supported through projects undertaken by its three committees: Advanced Technology Committee (ATC), Spectrum Sharing Committee (SSC) and the Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards (CC SCA).

In addition to continued work on the Forum’s Platform Strategy, 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations, and Advocacy Agenda, the ATC will work on the following upcoming projects in support of the Operations Plan objectives:
• Receiver Performance Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria
• Electromagnetic Spectrum Sensing Study Group

More information about these projects can be found on the ATC web page: http://www.wirelessinnovation.org/advanced-technologies-committee.

The CC SCA plans to deliver multiple work products through a series of projects in FY2016, including:
• Transceiver Facility API
• SCA 4.1 Compliancy
• Coalition Interoperability
• SCA Harmonization Roadmap
• Timing Services API Harmonization
• SCA 4.1 Advocacy
• SCA Usage Expansion

Information on these projects can be found on the CC SCA web page: http://www.wirelessinnovation.org/sca.

The SSC Steering Committee has established an aggressive project plan for FY2017, which will lead to standards for the operation, test, and certification of 3.55 GHz CBRS band ecosystem elements in accordance with FCC rules and regulations. The FY2017 project plan is allocated among four Working Groups: Operational and Functional Requirements, Security Requirements, Protocol Specifications, and Testing and Certification.

Committee standards are being developed in phases. This approach allows the work of the Committee proceed while adapting to changes in FCC regulations for the 3.55 GHz CBRS band and to the requirements of the prospective suppliers and users of the band as their business models evolve.

The Early Release was the focus of FY2015 and early FY2016. Work on Version 1 commenced in mid FY2016 and will continue into early FY2017. Version 2 will be primarily addressed in FY2017. The Committee will add other standards development phases, as required.

Information on the committee roadmap and four SSC working groups, including approved work products to date, can be found here: http://www.wirelessinnovation.org/ssc.

Through these projects, the members of the Forum will develop multiple Reports, Recommendations and Specifications over the coming year for use by the broader advanced wireless community that will be added to our comprehensive Document library: http://www.wirelessinnovation.org/document_library.

The next Technical Exchange meeting to advance Forum projects will be held in Paris, France, 10-14 October. The meeting will be held concurrently with the seventh annual European Wireless Innovation Forum Conference on Communications Technologies and Software Defined Radio (WInnComm-Europe). The conference will feature two days of high level keynotes, technical presentations, focus topics and more. View the current program here http://Europe.WirelessInnovation.org.

The FY2017 Operations Plan can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/2b50lNm.

To learn more about the benefits of Forum Membership, visit our web page at http://www.WirelessInnovation.org.