Barcelona brings together world leaders promoting Biocivilization model

Between 27 and 30 April, will take place in Barcelona, the event with activists from Brazil, Colombia, United States, India, Italy, France and Spain.

Online PR News – 24-April-2016 – Barcelona, Spain – \"The biocivilization movements connected with Barcelona as a city keeps its power of attraction beyond ideologies,\" says Sandra Campos, director of Imago Association, organizer of the 4th International Seminar on Planetary Coexistence: Build Biocivilization. The seminar will be a space for reflection and dialogue around another model of coexistence that commitment Biocivilization as a paradigm. This model is based on respect and care for the web of life in all its manifestations: humans, animals, nature and the planet. In this regard, the seminar is part and is indebted to the ideas and works that develop around the planet. The origins of the paradigmatic approach biocivilizationThe event this year revolves around the approach biocivilization, whose participants are leading economists, scientists, philosophers, environmental advocates, including men and women. The term was coined by a group working parallel to the Conference of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio + 20, held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. The workshop called “Roads and Roadblocks for Biocivilization” was structured based on three key questions: what ethics? With what economy? Which one power structure?Biocivilization may signal one direction, but in reality is still a concept that has to be built upon a long dialogue with reality, with the processes that are taking place, with the struggles in different parts of the world, with practices resistance and emancipation in progress,\" said Cândido Grzybowski, attendee of the event in Barcelona, ​​director of the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analysis (IBASE) and promoter of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre 2001.The ideological route seminarThe 4th International Seminar on Planetary Coexistence: build biocivilization will focus on the progress (and setbacks) that are occurring across the globe. Its organizers say it is part of a process rather than an end in itself. \"It\'s an opportunity for dialogue and collective construction that connects Barcelona with biocivilization movements that are advancing in different parts of the world,\" added Campos.This year, two new elements are being proposed that provide materials for further analysis. A positive addition is the recent encyclical of Pope Francisco Laudato Si, announced in 2015, which poses a human commitment to the planet, species and life in all its manifestations. On the other hand, the meager results of the event COP21 Paris, also from 2015, with its inadequate arrangements displaying the extent of the historical environmental challenges. All this constitutes a challenge to advance in strengthening a new paradigm in personal and collective levels, from local to global.The organizers have used technology to take their message beyond the city of Barcelona. To this end, the conference will be streamed live on the events website, where there will be four chat rooms for Catalan, Castilian, English and French speaking virtual attendees. They also have a mobile application for Android that, from anywhere in the world, will allow access to the activities and the contents of the seminar.About ImagoImago is an association that has over 14 years experience in Catalonia and Colombia, in carrying out projects of social awareness. It was founded 14 years ago and manages projects in the areas of international and cultural cooperation for bio-development, awareness for peaceful coexistence and citizen participation.\"I think the new paradigm is already installed, you have to visualize it, strengthen it, promote growth from the individual to local and from local to global, from the inner life into public life, the economy, politics and ethics . and for this contribution that we all want to do, we must commit ourselves each and every one of us with the best we have,\" said Sandra Campos.