The Latin Heritage Foundation will release The Devil’s Virtues by Spanish writer Rafael Novoa

Gualdo Hidalgo, Latin Heritage Foundation’s publisher announces the incoming release of The Devil’s Virtues, short-story book by writer Rafael Novoa.

Online PR News – 27-January-2016 – Manhattan, New York – In each of these stories, The Devil’s shadows come and take pleasure in the seven deadly sins, leading men to the darkside of life and proudly proving that student surpasses the teacher sometimes.
No doubt the virtues of the devil are as many as the number of our sins, which increases incessantly without our doing anything about it, busy being dragged by a state of complacent cruelty, devouring the meekness with the appetite of our anger, chastity with our lust and prodigality with our greed; if we are slaves of gluttony put off fasting, if laziness, work, whether of pride, humility, envy and all that surrounds us., envy and all that surrounds us.