Industry Leader MortgageFlex Makes Mortgage Origination Easier Than Ever

Mortgage Software Pioneer Offers Mortgage Origination System with Extensive Functionality

Online PR News – 02-September-2015 – Jacksonville, Florida – During the past decade, the mortgage industry has certainly seen some changes and ultimately corrections. For many lenders, it's provided the much-needed opportunity to reevaluate internal processes, with an eye toward efficiency at all levels. Enter MortgageFlex Systems- a mortgage software company that understands the industry like no other. Their LoanQuest mortgage Loan Origination System offers far more power than others on the market; ensuring productivity really is possible, even with the continual introduction of new compliance regulations.

What It Is

LoanQuest is a full-featured lending technology platform. Inside are the services necessary to make mortgage lending simple and efficient, no matter the lender's size. With the technology necessary to originate, sell, and service loans; all lenders -banks, credit unions, mortgage companies- can finally have access to the software and hosting services that will actually make doing business easier.

The need for diversity in this market is huge. If youre going to compete in today’s lending market you need a certain level of flexibility and that has been built into the LoanQuest loan origination system Bechtle concluded.

"Our LoanQuest product line has experienced a technical metamorphosis over the years, and during that time, we've made significant improvements both for the organizations who need our software and their customers who will be interfacing with it regularly. We're also adding mobile technology for millennial borrowers to meet their access requirements," said Craig Bechtle, chief operating officer, MortgageFlex Systems.

Perhaps one of the best features of LoanQuest is the continual updates made to address ever-changing compliance requirements. The internal compliance engine means it's easier than ever to make the right loans and manage them from a compliance standpoint.

Customization - The Beauty behind LoanQuest

MortgageFlex started from a unique perspective - one that realized off-the-shelf solutions were never going to work for every organization that offers mortgage services. As a result, they created LoanQuest as an individualized solution, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

"The need for diversity in this market is huge. If you're going to compete in today’s lending market, you need a certain level of flexibility, and that has been built into the LoanQuest loan origination system," Bechtle concluded.

With extensive configuration ability in the core system and additional tools for added tailoring, it's a level of service that most mortgage origination systems just don't have. It's a feature competitors can't contend with, and when added to the thirty years of experience and dedication MortgageFlex has in the industry, this is one technology that is perfect for the market as a whole.

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