HealthWay Provides Patented Air Cleaners to Help Contain the Spread of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Hospitals in the Middle East are partnering with HealthWay, to provide the cleanest possible air in the fight against MERS.

Online PR News – 16-March-2015 – Pulaski New York – Coronavirus also known as (MERS) Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is continuing to spread throughout the United Arab Emirates with new case counts raising the most in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has reported 15 new confirmed cases during the last week alone according to a Kuwait News Agency. The Health Ministry said on Sunday that among the outbreaks, 10 are in Riyadh, while cases are in Al-Ihsaa and each in Jeddah, Al-Qassim and Tabuk. These outbreaks have occurred at medical institutions throughout the country. Since 2012, the virus has infected 1,042 people and killed 419. There is no known vaccine or cure for MERS.

Hospitals in the Middle East are partnering with HeathWay, a global leading air cleaner manufacturer to provide the cleanest possible air in the fight against MERS. Although scientists are not certain how the disease spreads, most known cases have come from close contact with others who have the virus in a hospital setting. HealthWay’s patented medical grade air cleaners are in hospitals throughout, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and other parts of the U.A.E. to help provide ultrafine particle filtration. HealthWay’s President, Vinny Lobdell will be traveling to Saudi Arabia this week to meet with the Health Ministry on ways to expand the usage of HealthWay’s air cleaners in hospitals and medical centers throughout the United Arab Emirates. Lobdell states, “We are proud to say our medical grade air cleaning systems are the first line of defense against coronavirus for hospitals throughout the U.A.E.”

HealthWay’s medical grade air cleaners with patented DFS technology have been proven to capture 99.99% of ultrafine particles down to .007 micron in size, which is 50 times more efficient than what most hospitals currently rely on with HEPA filters. Indoor air pollution problems come in all shapes and sizes. With HealthWay’s customized solutions, whether it is a new build or an existing building HealthWay air cleaners come in a variety of form factors to provide optimal filtration in the most mission critical environments.

HealthWay air cleaners can be found in over 30 countries, in the most prestigious fields. Industry leaders such as the Cleveland Clinic, VA Medical Centers, Shriners Hospitals, BMW and Hilton Hotels have all chosen HealthWay to ensure they are breathing the cleanest air available. For more information on how you can breathe cleaner air with HealthWay, please visit our website at

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