Emerging Seattle Company Finds Market Niche, Meets Strong Demand

The SASH Program management reports demand for their senior home sale service stronger than ever before, with new client inquiries being received from a wide geographic region at an unprecedented rate. To meet this demand SASH recently expanded its team, and plans to reach into other areas beyond Washington State in 2011. Population demographics have shown that as baby boomers ease into retirement, demand for senior services across a broad-based spectrum will continue to skyrocket:

Online PR News – 29-July-2010 – – Seniors moving from their primary residence to a retirement community face a number of challenges: Often a new room is reserved, and the senior needs to sell their home within a specific time period in order to move into their new residence. Usually they have lived in their home for a number of years, and the downsizing process can seem overwhelming. Many times the senior’s home requires extensive repairs before it can be placed on the market.

The SASH Program solves these problems by purchasing the home directly in a private sale, allowing the senior to bypass the stress and unknowns of a conventional market sale. This is an all-inclusive, ‘walk away’ transaction for the client in which the downsizing process, repairs, and the home sale transaction are all provided by SASH. Each senior client is treated with the utmost integrity, respect, and dignity as evidenced by SASH testimonials from former clients and their families.

We eliminate the unknowns for the senior in a way that no other home sale option has done and the peace of mind this affords the senior and their family members is vitally important in this phase of life.

"SASH's service seems so simple - providing private home sales to seniors. However, the secret sauce of what we do is our unique blend of senior care, creative real estate, and social work,” stated Rebecca Bomann, Founder and CEO of The SASH Program. “We eliminate the unknowns for the senior in a way that no other home sale option has done, and the peace of mind this affords the senior and their family members is vitally important in this phase of life.”

As SASH grows and continues to meet milestones in its development as a nationwide service, the management team is building alliances with key players in both the senior care industry and the real estate arena. Recently, SASH has entered into discussions with lenders who are interested in providing SASH with the funds to purchase more seniors' homes. Private and institutional lenders alike have expressed an interest in this role, as SASH's business model fills an important market niche. Every week SASH receives more requests for its service, yet remains dedicated to its mission of never having to turn a senior homeowner away.

"Since 2005, we have been receiving requests for our service from other regions all across the country,” Ms. Bomann went on to say. “Our growth in the past six months is a strong step towards being able to meet the demand for our service in every corner of the U.S. In the past eight months, our team has grown to include over twenty incredible, talented professionals who carry out SASH's vision for seniors in all that they do. It's an exciting time for SASH, and part of the growth plan we've been building since the early days of SASH."

The SASH Program was founded by Rebecca Bomann, a professional real estate investor with a background in social work, after helping her own Grandfather to sell his home. Since its inception in August 2005, SASH has purchased a large number of homes in the greater Puget Sound, WA, area including new constructions, condominiums, huge six-bedroom estates, and tiny one-bedroom homes. The shortest closing period was 10 days and the longest 14 months, with every transaction timeline based entirely on the seniors’ specific moving plans.

Parties interested in learning more about The SASH Program can email the Founder and CEO of SASH directly at rbomann@sashprogram.com, call (206) 501-4375, or visit www.sashprogram.com for more information.

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