Mourner's Lane Offers 30% Off Charter Membership

The virtual cemetery offers a positive emotional experience for those who are trying to discover a way to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Online PR News – 08-May-2014 – New York, New York, April 30, 2014 – Mourner’s Lane, a unique virtual cemetery, is excited to announce a 30 percent off charter membership available for a limited time only. Anyone who signs up for membership at Mourner’s Lane between May 10 and May 31 will receive 30 percent off their first annual membership fee and access to a lifetime of memories of loved ones they wish to preserve in virtual memory.

Mourner’s Lane members can start the process through the newly-launched Mourner’s Lane website. Developed by Webmaster Studios, Mourner’s Lane invites members to create a virtual resting place for their loved ones or even a family pet. Owners Steven and Jane created the site out of passion, wanting to extend the virtual experience to others who may struggle with closure or simply want an opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Mourner’s Lane is a whole new concept that leverages the power of cloud computing with the desire to hold on to those lost. With the launch of the interactive website with social engagement elements at the forefront, members can treasure memories of a loved one who has passed away without leaving the comfort of their own home. When cemetery visits are challenging due to location or even public attention, Mourner’s Lane offers an experience that is both meaningful and private, if desired.

Unlike obituaries online, the Mourner’s Lane Virtual Cemetery takes the experience one step further. Mourners can create and enjoy a more thorough view of the loved one’s life to preserve for generations. Plus, members can take the experience to the social level, inviting friends and family to join the page of the honored loved one to share stories, photos and even videos.

The Virtual Memorial offers a positive emotional experience for those who are trying to discover a way to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Emotional relief is often found through leaving a tribute, exchanging messages with family members or just simply sharing close memories with all involved.

Mourner’s Lane offers a positive emotional experience that helps a mourner get one step closer to closure. For more information on membership and the 30 percent discount, contact Mourner’s Lane today.

Mourner’s Lane a unique virtual cemetery, designed to allow members to find closure through a cloud-based interactive experience. Members can create pages, store memories, photos and video and invite others to participate in a tribute to a loved who has passed. The site incorporates an engaging social experience, enabling those unable to frequent cemeteries or find closure to experience a whole new way to preserve the memories of those closest to them. For more information, visit

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