DALLAS, TX (December 16, 2013) – 5:33PM CST
Darren “DPaul” Wise (Songwriter/Guitarist/Vocals ) and Jacob Henderson ( Lead Vocals) of SILVERGUN performed a exclusive LIVE acoustic version on FOX show. The new song titled “Don’t forget about me” attached to Hail Mary Movie.

Online PR News – 21-December-2013 – Dallas – Recently on The Drew Pearson Show (FOX Sports) Darren “DPaul” Wise (Songwriter/Guitarist/Vocals ) and Jacob Henderson ( Lead Vocals) of SILVERGUN performed a exclusive LIVE acoustic version their new song titled “Don’t forget about me” after the set Pearson announced that the song was in fact written for the Hail Mary Movie and will be part of the soundtrack for himself and Roger Staubach.

“You can feel the love, passion and everything it takes to catch a Hail Mary written in this song”

- Drew Pearson “The Original 88” Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver.

With his hit song “Girls Like You” charting at #38 on billboard this past summer, Darren “DPaul” Wise is well on his way to being one of rock’s premiere songwriters. His work was personally noticed by Paul Reed Smith a few months ago and even without being attached to a label of any sorts Mr. Reed personally endorsed DPaul.

About Silvergun – SILVERGUN is an American ROCK BAND formed in Dallas, Texas, December 2012. Here is a long list of bands that influenced SILVERGUN.. Mötley Crüe, KISS, Aerosmith, Queen, Van Halen and AC/DC. Following in the footsteps of great American Rock Bands like that are not easy.. But when the lead vocals come screeching out of Jacob Henderson with lyrics about women and whiskey it makes you think.. Am I really listening to a new rock band?

“ A strong vocalist who can wail like Appetite for Destruction- era Axl Rose”

A rare mixture of style, swagger and charisma is what a Rock Frontman needs to possess and Henderson hits all three and more. Lead singers like Jacob is what made rock and roll what it is today. This band reaches back to the roots of Rock and it shows up in each and every song. Writing rock songs that are fun , appealing and .. Well actually the word I am looking for is “Kickass” isn’t the easiest thing to do.. You can have the greatest front man in the world but you must have the lyrics and music to back it up. Add SILVERGUN’s founder, lead guitarist, songwriter .. Darren "DPaul" Wise.

About Darren "DPaul" Wise
- Founder of SILVERGUN; DPaul is probably best known in Texas for shredding a guitar on The Drew Pearson TV Show Band on FOX Sports and WAR of ROCK TV. Both TV theme songs were written and performed by DPaul. The Drew Show Theme Song is heard every week as the intro to the FOX Sports Program ( VIDEO Making of "City Lights" with Alex Grest). He has shared the same stage with Vince Neil of Motley Crue, played alongside lick for lick with Mark Slaughter from SLAUGHTER (VIDEO), worked with rock’s greatest, AMA Winner, Bassist for SLAUGHTER Mr. Dana Strum , blues guitarist Sir Innes Sibun (VIDEO), Former keyboard player for Billy Joel, Foreigner, Julian Lennon, Mr. Jeff Jacobs, Award Winning Producer Chris Bell the list goes on and on.