Illuminate Restores 45 Episodes of Pee-wee's Playhouse

illuminate Hollywood is restoring the 45 original half-hour episodes of Pee-wee’s Playhouse and the one-hour Christmas special to high-definition video. Pee-wee’s Playhouse has been ranked by TV Guide’ as one of the “Top Cult Shows Ever.”

Online PR News – 20-August-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Mike Volland, manager of advanced processing at illuminate Hollywood, stated: “Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, gave us access to his vault, and to all 16 and 35mm films, one-inch video masters, sub-masters, and work tapes for this series.

"We transferred all the film footage to HD. We are also restoring historical footage shot in one-inch. In addition, we are re-creating all visual effects for the entire series. The main challenge has been sorting through all the original source materials. Paul Reubens has been closely involved throughout the entire project. He is approving all the subjective elements, including visual effects and color correction. This ensures that the re-mastered version will be 100% true to the vision he had when the original series was produced.”

According to Jim Hardy, illuminate’s CEO, “iConform, illuminate’s proprietary technology solution used in this project, is a revolutionary process. iConform gives content owners the opportunity to bring their valuable sleeping assets back to life, creating new revenue and bringing those assets up to current HD broadcast standards.

It is far more efficient, cost-effective and reliable than eye matching. iConform starts with a locked picture element, NTSC or PAL, used as a reference. The only requirements for iConform are that the picture is locked and that all original camera materials are provided.” In addition to the iConform process, illuminate also has the ability to recreate all visual effects and compositing that may be necessary.

The film libraries of the major feature film and television studios, independent producers and distributors are full of assets sitting idle that could be generating significant revenues. These films or TV series are not marketable because the existing broadcast masters do not meet current high-definition broadcast standards. Thousands of television series, MOWs (movies of the week) and direct-to-video films were shot on film and only exist for broadcast or distribution in standard-definition NTSC or PAL.

Unfortunately, those assets generally lack cut negative or edit decision lists (EDLs). Until recently, SD to HD or UHD from film without EDL was not possible. The only way to bring those assets to current broadcast standards was to re-conform the original film elements by having people watch every single frame. This process is known as eye matching. It requires going through hundreds or thousands of rolls of films, a slow, cumbersome and expensive proposition.”

illuminate’s postproduction /digital finishing division has been chosen for re-mastering TV series by Hollywood’s major studios and entertainment distribution companies, including CBS, 21st Century Fox and Universal Studios. illuminate’s iConform process has been responsible for creating the latest HD versions of some of the most popular TV series, including The X-Files, 24, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

illuminate is the leader in restoring and re-conforming TV series and movies shot on film and edited in NTSC or PAL. iConform has the ability to re-conform in HD 2K or 4K, with no EDL required. Illuminate’s breakthrough technology, iConform, automatically conforms images of any resolution to any reference source without eye-matching. This means that HD or UHD masters can be delivered in half the time, at a much lesser cost.

About illuminate Hollywood

illuminate Hollywood consists of two facilities located ½ mile apart from each other:
illuminate Post /Digital Finishing and illuminate Studios

illuminate Post /Digital Finishing services include:
• Digital intermediate
• iConform to HD, 2K, and 4K conforming from original film
• Digital file deliverables
• Editorial services
• Audio services
• Color correction
• Film restoration
• 3D conversion
• Visual effects and graphics

illuminate Studios’ services include:
• 4 sound stages with pre-lit sets, fully equipped for HD multi-camera production
• In-house cameras, 3 control rooms, comprehensive production equipment. All stages include complete lighting packages.
• Fully crewed production is available
• HD/SD fiber connectivity
• Social media video chat connectivity
• Kitchen sets, news sets, and talk-show sets
• Virtual sets, motion tracking
• Coved green screen
• Green rooms, conference rooms, production offices, dressing rooms
• 16' high lighting grid, 48 channel lighting board, clearcom/RTS intercom
• Secure exterior staging area
• On-site parking with free overflow lot

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