Brad Lipson Wins ASC Award for Wilfred Series Colored by illuminate Hollywood

Director Bradford Lipson won the 27th Award from the American Society of Cinematographers for “Outstanding Achievement in Half-Hour Episodic Television Series” for Wilfred.

Online PR News – 08-August-2013 – Los Angeles, August 8, 2013 – Lipson worked hand in hand with illuminate Hollywood’s Andrew Drapkin, who colored all 13 episodes of season two. illuminate Hollywood is now working on season three of this series.

For Andrew Drapkin, illuminate’s colorist, “This was a challenging film coloring project, shot with three 8-bit DSLR cameras. Our approach was to make the series look like a feature rather than like a sitcom, and we came up with a wonderful rich look. We were not scared of shadows, low lights, and of a good theatrical feel. Each episode had its own challenges, and we did 13 episodes. The challenge with 8-bit DSLR consumer cameras is that you have to fight to get the color where it needs to be: often you just do not have enough pixels to make the image sing. To compensate for that, we had to use a lot of tools and creativity. The end result looked great, and we are delighted that the ASC gave Lipson this award.”

As a cinematographer based in Los Angeles, Brad Lipson directs Wilfred, a black comedy starring Elijah Wood, playing a depressed young man named Ryan who sees his neighbor’s dog (portrayed by series co-creator Jason Gann) as a man wearing a dog suit. The critically praised show on FX was adapted from the original Australian series, also co-created by Gann.

Lipson shot this series on DSLRs to get the large, full-frame sensor and wide-open aperture to create that amazing shallow depth of field. It is the main reason why the show isn’t shot on a traditional production camera. Since its inception that has been an important element to the look of the show, and the way the relationship between Ryan and Wilfred is portrayed. They shot three cameras simultaneously. Most single-camera shows use two cameras: one will get the master and the other will get a medium shot or another angle if possible. They used three cameras to get the master and coverage from both sides at the same time, which can be very difficult. Trying to light the off-camera side is often challenging with the three-camera setup. They also had a hot down-light bounce off a surface that is in the shot to illuminate Ryan and Wilfred—in the basement in night scenes. It creates an interesting look and it’s something that works on this show.

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