Kartavya Healtheon launches Chronic Diseases Management Services in 3 major cities in India

Kartavya Healtheon is one of the leading disease management companies in India that was established in June 2008 with its corporate office located in Mumbai.

Online PR News – 29-April-2013 – Mumbai – Mumbai, 27th April 2013- Kartavya Healtheon, a dedicated disease management company has recently launched its chronic disease management services for diabetes in major evolving cities of India like Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Baroda. The aim is to drive various patient support programs like counseling, diet and nutrition, disease awareness and medication adherence into disease management hubs. In addition to this, the company is in the process of rolling out preventive care and family doctor services in rural and district areas to address the needs of primary health care in India i.e by this year end and become a pioneer in ‘patient care management’ across the country.
Kartavya’s CEO Mr. Vikram Srivastava said, “Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are increasing rapidly across the country; it alone accounts for 53% of all deaths in India. The healthcare industry in the country is providing organized cure but is lacking organized care. There is a continuous gap in chronic care and lifestyle condition awareness, screening and behavioral modification. In order to take control of the spread of chronic diseases, we at Kartavya have brought this concept of Self-controlled patient management, which is certainly picking up pace in India. We are doing this because access to information and disease awareness is very low and healthcare cost is rising day by day.”
“The company’s business model, which includes pharma companies and physicians as its stakeholders, has proved to be successful. Since its inception, the promoters have infused the required investments. At present, we are looking at potential investors who understand this business and those who could add value to the company's growth,” added Mr. Srivastava.
To achieve efficacy, the company is leveraging its technical prowess to make disease management more effective and efficient across India. It is thus taking the healthcare sector to the next level with emerging technology as a backbone.
About Kartavya Healtheon:
Kartavya Healtheon is one of the leading disease management companies in India that was established in June 2008 with its corporate office located in Mumbai. The company has spread its operations in 21 cities across India in merely 3 years. Kartavya Healtheon’s main focus is on providing disease management service to people suffering from chronic diseases (i.e. Diabetes, Cancer, Hepatitis B and HIV). Kartavya manages its operations from a centralized facility in Mumbai to handle the 21 centers across India. It addresses issues of therapy compliance, medication adherence, prevention, disease awareness and management. It is a patient-centric service model, where all services which a patient requires are provided at the patient’s doorstep and the servicing team ensures that the individual is given assistance and support on a regular basis through telephone calls, SMS, pill reminder machine and even personal visits by field based counselor.