Y8 Games Reaches 10000 Likes Milestone on Facebook - Serves 1000+ Gamers at Any Given Second

Online gaming site Y8.NET announces milestones - Makes 1000+ gamer hearts beat faster at any given second.

Online PR News – 05-February-2013 – Houston / Texas – Y8 Games is proud to announce that it has reached two milestones within the first two months of 2013. The first milestone was reaching 10,000 online gamers on Facebook who casted a "Like" vote for Y8 while the second milestone was serving 1000+ unique users at any given second, resulting in more than 1000 hearts beating faster at any time of the day.

Unlike most websites, Y8 focuses on making available the most popular flash games on the web. The online gaming portal serves one purpose, which is making a gamer's heart beat faster by providing the most exciting online games on the web. By making available more than 100 different game categories, Y8 is one of the largest online gaming sites on the internet.

"Gaming is meant to be fun, and this is exactly the path we are going if it comes to Y8 Games. Gamers will find the latest, best and also most exciting games available on the internet," Bob Charania, Y8's head of development said.

Gaming is meant to be fun and this is exactly the path we are going if it comes to Y8 games. Gamers will find the latest best and also most exciting games available on the internet

Unlike most gaming websites which require additional plugins to play, Y8 does not require a user to sign up to play games. Any browser with Adobe Flash installed fulfills the requirements to be able playing free games.

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Y8.NET is one of the largest gaming portals on the web. The site was founded years ago and is one of the most popular flash game site on the web. The site is updated on a daily basis and delivers what gamers are after: fresh and exciting online games that make a gamer's heart beat faster.