New Book: Legacy of the Tall, Black & White Donkey of the White House: OBAMA

Book title: The term “Black & White” refers to the ethnicity of the president. “Donkey” refers to the symbol of the Democratic political party, as opposed to the “Elephant” which is the symbol representing the Republican party.

Online PR News – 18-October-2012 – Plano, TX – Throughout the years, middle and lower class American citizens have quietly accepted whatever policies former GOP presidents implemented. Still, those presidents remained respected, with seemingly no major problems from the general public. After the election and inauguration of President Barack Obama, the disregard his opposition held for him became blatantly clear. The author felt she could no longer ignore such an incredible level of disrespect.

On a daily basis, opponents accuse him of implementing policies that hurt America. They display their dissatisfaction with grave hatred, while creating strife and division throughout the country. As they work so diligently toward turning American citizens against their president, the author felt inclined to bring awareness to his accomplishments. Many of which were actually fulfillments of campaign promises to the American people. These promises helped to win him the White House.

The author believes that it is time that an average, every day American citizen… one of “the 47%”… spoke up to help the world separate fact from fiction regarding Obama's record. The reality is millions of Americans from all political parties are benefiting from the policies of the Obama Administration.

Why does President Obama deserve a second term?

Dispelling widely spread rumors that President Obama has achieved nothing… or has passed negative policies for the country, this book focuses on the fact that millions throughout America – both democrats and republicans, benefit on a daily basis from his policies. The reader will soon realize that he actually has a very strong record to run on!

most powerful man in the free world

The president of the United States of America has always been considered the “most powerful man in the free world”. Barack Obama has been the Commander-in-Chief over three wars; has ended a nine-year international conflict; reportedly responsible for handling more major catastrophes than any president in many years, all after stepping into office during a recession and navigating it into a challenging economic recovery (a slow, but constantly progressive recovery). He has provided health care for millions; championed stimulus payments; helped millions of Americans who are out of work by extending unemployment; saved thousands of jobs by saving the auto industry; assisted Americans with foreclosures, made purchasing homes more affordable; focused on education and student loans, addressed predatory credit card reform and much more!

Unemployment levels high due to Obama’s policies?

Think again… with corporate America being the major hiring entities in the U.S., this book reveals under a separate sub-heading, the true reason, for unemployment, as recently admitted by one of America’s most successful, corporate businessmen.

Challenge Issued

In listening to the pundits over the past four years, the author feels it is critical to look at the President’s accomplishments from the eyes of the ordinary American citizens. Why is it necessary for others to always speak for us when we can speak for ourselves?

The author challenges the millions of American voters of either party (from every governor to the middle class to the homeless), who have benefited from any of the policies of President Obama, to step up and support him by voting, participating in polls, speaking out, contributing, or by any other means possible. It’s only fair, as he has “stood in the gap” for you to receive such benefits throughout his first presidential term. If you believe that large and small businesses should “pay their fair share”, do not continue to buy into the rhetoric spread by his opposition.

This book is based on research and actual personal knowledge of what the president has achieved (truth). Included are numerous facts that the GOP does not want you to know pertaining to the many accomplishments of Obama and the legacy he leaves behind. If you are a believer in truth and fairness to all Americans (not excluding the 47%), then take action and support your president, regardless of what the haters say.

Learn these facts and more by purchasing your copy today! Available online at, and other major online bookstores.

About the Author:

Sin Diviro F. Pickett (Sindi Pickett), was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In addition to her background in business, extensive sales, ministry and administration, she has served in the U.S. military. Her military experience consists of a ten year enrollment in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, and six years in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. She served in the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Her service as a member of the U.S. military has only compounded her love of country.

An early childhood Christian upbringing has resulted in her deeply ingrained love of God. As a Christian minister, she has love for her fellow man and a heart for the downtrodden everywhere, as she remains in special prayer for her country… the United States of America.

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