Top magazine India Today published a big fabulous review of Power Thinking authored by International motivational speaker Dr Ujjwal patni. The India Today reviewer Dr Soumya Singh strongly praised and recommended Power Thinking in June edition.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – 20 June, Delhi – After a long time, one among the most respected Indian magazine India Today strongly appreciated a motivational book in a review. The book in light is Power Thinking authored by Top Indian author and corporate trainer Dr Ujjwal Patni. Power Thinking is published in 7 Indian languages including Hindi and English.

The bold review published on page no 63 in 27 June edition states that the book focuses on the ideology behind thinking process. Author believes that thinking can affect life positively and negatively both. Power Thinking book is educating, interesting and very logical. As per the reviewer, Dr Ujjwal Patni presented his ideology in very simple and straightforward manner. Reviewer specially appreciates the eight revolutionary and bitter chapters presented in the last part of the book.

Author says that it is not possible to succeed just by positive thinking, we require a more powerful thinking. Power Thinking says that you must learn to say no instead of saying yes. You must be strong enough to defend your interests. People must not think you as exploitable item.

The reviewer commented that Ujjwal Patni frankly expressed his thoughts, stories, anecdotes, experiences and made the book very impressive with thorough research. Power Thinking is a fusion of western writers and Indian teachings in a very easy and understandable manner. There is a slight issue of originality because author used quotes of lots of other writers too but that doesn’t undermine the utility of this book.

Reviewer stressed that the strength and beauty of this book lies in the fact that you can read it again and again without getting bored. The reviewer from India Today Dr Soumya Singh specially appreciated the chapter on role models. In today’s circumstances choosing a right role model is very necessary to stop erosion of values from the society. A photo of Dr Ujjwal Patni was also prominently published in the center of the article with the punch line Ujjwal Patni - Role model ki Vkalat.

The summary of the comprehensive reviews says that Power Thinking is very practical and useful, especially for the youth who are fighting hard to survive in this fierce age of competition. All in all a wonderful book on thinking, personal excellence and to change the thought process.

With this amazing positive review in the topmost magazine of India, we expect a quick entry of Power Thinking in the Indian bestseller list.