How the Secrets of a Better Memory Lead to Success - Tony Buzan Reveals All

In his latest book ‘The Most Important Graph in the World’ published by Proactive Press, Tony Buzan, a world-acclaimed author and speaker on the brain and thinking, offers an eye-opening theory for what lies at the heart of any kind of personal success – your memory.

Online PR News – 07-April-2012 – Cardiff – "How to Remember...And Be Remembered"

Tony’s much spoken about and long awaited ‘Most Important Graph’ shines a spotlight on the 7.5 key principles of human memory and demonstrates how you can apply an intelligent and practical approach to both remembering and staying memorable, for the right reasons, in all aspects of your life. Through a blend of wit and wisdom, common sense and scientific knowledge, he explains how even a simple understanding of memory can open up new possibilities for managing yourself and influencing others, helping you make the jump from ‘average’ to wildly successful in very little time.

"Memory – No Longer a Dull Subject"

‘The Most Important Graph in the World’, co-written with Jennifer Goddard and Jorge Castaneda, is a culmination of decades of research on learning, recall and achievement. It provides a whole new take on what is traditionally a dry and sterile subject, encapsulating the important memory principles of Primacy, Recency, Von Restorff (Imagination), Association, Understanding and Misunderstanding, Interest and Meaning all in one unique, vivid, vibrant and life-changing graph.

The ‘Most Important Graph’ proves what all great CEOs, speakers, teachers, athletes, parents, professionals and students already know – that being aware of how you and others learn is paramount to what you can do and achieve. Using the Primacy principle (which states that people remember more information from the beginning of an experience) you can make all your first impressions count. Similarly, the Recency principle (which holds that people remember more information from the end of an experience), helps you finish any task, communication or venture on a positive high. Better yet, the Von Restorff principle (people remember anything outstanding, different or unique about an experience) is there to encourage you to add that ‘wow’ factor in everything you do, bringing more and more peaks to your own success graph.

In Tony’s book, you will also learn the value of regular breaks and of making associations, how to overcome misunderstandings, and how to sustain high levels of interest (yours and others) at all times.

"A Graph? Or a ‘Formula for Life’?"

Tony Buzan says, “The Most Important Graph in the World is far more than just a graph about memory - it’s a formula for life! This graph unleashes powerful truths about how we all learn and behave. It is my sincere hope that people will pay attention to these truths and, from this moment on, embrace them wholeheartedly to plot new paths of success.”

The vital knowledge presented by this graph empowers you to:

• Deliver speeches and presentations that hit the mark
• Acquire more and more new skills
• Enjoy positive social interactions and harmonious relationships
• Plan any kind of event or meeting
• Develop PR and marketing with real impact
• Design unique products and services
• Raise your creativity and intelligence
• Bring clients to your door
• Maximise your time
• Protect your legacy

…and create a more meaningful, memorable life.

"Learn the Secrets of Successful Orators, Athletes and Business Magnates"

The people and organisations that already understand and employ the power of this graph are leaders in their respective fields. In this book, readers learn how US President Barack Obama compels his audiences to sit up and listen; how Richard Branson, head of the Virgin empire, never fails to create a dramatic and remarkable impact whenever he launches a new product or service; and how Sir Steven Redgrave became the ultimate Olympic athlete, winning five consecutive gold medals in rowing. All their secrets, and more, are revealed in this single graph.

"From 6 Million Copy Bestselling Author and Inventor of Mind Maps"

Tony Buzan is a man on a mission. In his long and prolific career as a speaker, consultant and author of over 100 books, Tony has helped countless people around the globe to unlock their creativity, improve their memory and boost their thinking skills. Known to millions as the inventor of Mind Mapping, he has been the instrumental driving force behind global mental literacy. Tony has worked with some of the world’s most high profile organisations, governments, universities, leaders, athletes, performers and academics, as well as children of all ages.

Now for the first time, he has committed to paper the subject which has long captivated his audiences with his new book ‘The Most Important Graph in the World’. In this completely new work, Tony reveals how a simple understanding of memory and its improvement can instantly and dramatically change our lives and the lives of those around us.

‘The Most Important Graph in the World’, published on 19th April 2012 by Proactive Press (£14.99, 210 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-1-908934-01-7), is available via