SUCCESS Magazine Owner Stuart Johnson Shares Story in New #1 Bestseller, 'The Psychology of Wealth'
1 February 2012
It might seem as though Stuart Johnson, owner of SUCCESS magazine, has always been a success, but Stuart is a self-described graduate of the school of hard knocks. He admits that his failed businesses—at least six of them before he turned 21— were his learning ground. His parents wanted him to “just get a job,” but Stuart knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur. He knows the importance to aspiring entrepreneurs of reading books with positive messages—which is why it’s fitting that Stuart’s story is featured in the recently released #1 bestselling book, The Psychology of Wealth, by Dr. Charles Richards. The book is filled with inspirational stories and tips from successful people. Stuart’s favorite quote comes from Winston Churchill: “Never quit, never surrender, never give up, never, never, never.” Because of his tenacity and hard work, Stuart now moves among many of the most successful people in the country and promotes success concepts in SUCCESS magazine. Stuart’s passion for his own achievements is not enough; he loves encouraging success in others as well, especially teens. That is why he created the SUCCESS Foundation, a nonprofit organization to help kids develop life skills. Through the foundation, Stuart is working to get the book SUCCESS for Teens into the hands of youth in the U.S. The Psychology of Wealth also focuses on giving back, and author Charles Richards acknowledges the efforts of the SUCCESS Foundation. To learn more about Stuart Johnson’s efforts to support kids in their aspirations to improve their lives, go to Success Foundation. The Psychology of Wealth is for anyone interested in succeeding personally or professionally, and in achieving true prosperity. It offers golden steps on the path to a better life. Charles Richards, Ph.D., author of The Psychology of Wealth, is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, author, and licensed psychotherapist in private practice. He has trained and coached the senior executives of many Fortune 100 corporations, including General Motors, IBM, Apple, Motorola, SAP, Qualcomm, Whirlpool, Honda, and Sony.