, a Jewish Events Website, Reveals Tips on Choosing A Rabbi For An Upcoming Wedding

Creator of, an online resource for planning Jewish events, says that choosing a rabbi is one of the most important decisions a couple will make when planning your Jewish or Interfaith wedding.

Online PR News – 06-December-2011 – New york, New York – According to Cigall Goldman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of mazelmoments (,ebsite dedicated to helping members of the Jewish community plan perfect celebrations, deciding on a rabbi to officiate your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make.

“Ultimately, your rabbi will influence the tone of your wedding ceremony,” Goldman explains, “which is why couples need to choose carefully and wisely.”

Goldman says that the first step, before you can choose the right rabbi, is to decide on the type of wedding you would like to have. The most common Jewish weddings, she says, are Orthodox or non-Orthodox. However there is a wide range of different types of Jewish ceremonies with unique rituals and customs.

“These distinctions are well defined and many are classified based on Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Judaism,” Goldman explains. “Some couples seek to blend certain traditions and customs, creating even newer classifications, such as the Conservadox or Modern Orthodox ceremonies."

While the type of ceremony you wish to have will play a significant role in the rabbi that you choose, Goldman suggests that it is also important to find a rabbi that provides an appropriate amount of premarital counseling to meet your needs. Some rabbis meet with the couple once before the wedding, while others take the time to get to know the couple and encourage them to discuss important topics such as children, finances and their future together. The rabbi should also enable you to understand and appreciate all of the customs and traditions that you will be performing on your wedding day. Some rabbis will also encourage the couple to personalize their ceremony to make it special.

“If you are already a member of a synagogue and will be marrying at that location, the presiding rabbi will likely perform the ceremony,” Goldman says. “While some synagogues will allow another rabbi to perform the ceremony, these instances are quite rare.”

In this case, Goldman recommends that you check with your synagogue and see whether or not an exception can be made.

Perhaps most importantly, Goldman says that when considering a rabbi, the couple should determine the rabbi’s beliefs concerning marriage and each person's individual role in the marriage.

“The rabbi’s beliefs should align with each of your beliefs.” Goldman says. “In the end, you should choose a rabbi that both you and your fiancé are comfortable with, and that you feel will set the right tone for your wedding ceremony.”

Finally, Goldman says that if the couple comes from interfaith backgrounds, some opt to have two officiants representing two different faiths at a wedding. However, she says that it is important to check with synagogue policy, as well as the officiants, and communicate your preferences at the beginning of the process.

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