Court Awards $40,000 to First Baltimore Bed Bug Lawsuit Complainant Reports

The first bed bug lawsuit in Baltimore has been settled. The court sided with the complainant awarding her $40,000.

Online PR News – 10-November-2011 – – The first ever bed bug lawsuit in Baltimore has been settled. It ended with the Baltimore City Circuit Court favoring the plaintiff, Kristen Saunders. The jury awarded her 40 thousand dollars after three days of trial.

The filed complaint was held against Hunting Hills Apartments' owners and managers. Saunders claimed that it took almost a month and a half for the managers to fumigate her bed bug infested apartment after she informed them of her predicament.

According to BedBugBully, everything could have been prevented if only bed bug treatment was immediately implemented. The complainant could have been saved from bed bug bites and Hunting Hills could have avoided the lawsuit and the huge payment.

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“Apartment buildings are some of the places most often infested by bed bugs. However, some property managers don’t care about their charged apartments being invaded by the pests. The first settled bed bug lawsuit in Baltimore though could change all that.

In Baltimore City Circuit Court, the bed bug lawsuit filed by Kristen Saunders against Hunting Hills apartments’ owners and operators was already settled. According to Saunders, it took almost a month and a half for the managers to implement a bed bug treatment on her infested apartment.

In the end, the court favored Saunders instead of the property owners and managers. And after three days of trial, she was awarded 40 thousands dollars by the jury.
Quite big of a mess caused by such small pests, isn’t it? If only immediate action was taken, all of these could have been prevented.

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Kristen Y. Saunders said it took managers of her apartment building 48 days to fumigate her apartment infested with bedbugs, leading to a plaintiff’s verdict in the first case of its type in Baltimore.

A Baltimore City Circuit Court jury awarded Saunders $40,000 in her negligence suit against the building’s owners and operators. The verdict came last week after a three-day trial.

Saunders, who has since moved to Edgewater, lived in the Hunting Hills apartments in the 4700 block of Sayer Avenue from February 2009 through February 2010.

Her attorney, Daniel Whitney, said this is the first bedbug trial in Baltimore.
Identified in The Washington Post last year as “Maryland’s bedbug barrister,” Whitney said he regards the case as a “bellwether” of what’s to come in cases involving the pests.

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