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Wikipedia is a very powerful tool but it can be also be prone to abuse and misuse. .'s Wikipedia users' and editors' guide steps would be Wikipedia readers and editors through several key tips that they need to be able to use Wikipedia in their maxim advantage.

Online PR News – 16-August-2011 – – Because of the high ranking Google gives Wikipedia entries, Wikipedia has secured an outsized share much of online research. More often than not, Wikipedia is the starting place of many research paper, term paper and white paper writers. Not only do students benefit from Wikipedia but also market researcher, stock analysts and other professionals. However, Wikipedia has a dark side. This dark side is part of the reason it is successful. It is an open community edited resource. Meaning, anybody can anonymously create a page or make changes on a Wikipedia page. While this exponentially expands the amount of knowledge Wikipedia stores, it also makes it prone to abuses, pranks and bad information.

"Wikipedia can easily become a trap," said Oliver Thompson, media relations consultant for, the internet's leading reference site for technology software and a wide range of other specialized information. "If used improperly, Wikipedia can get you expelled for plagiarism, can torpedo your term paper grade, can cause professional embarrassment and all sorts of headaches. People need to use Wikipedia with proper tools" Users of Wikipedia fall into two camps. Readers and editors. Readers use Wikipedia to research information, editors use Wikipedia to create pages. Editors may be driven by the desire to share information or to brand a product, to champion a cause or to raise awareness. "Regardless of whether you are a user or an editor, using’s Wikipedia reference guide can help add value to your Wikipedia experience" said Thompson.’s how to useWikipedia reference guide is located at

"Our Wikipedia reference guide helps users and editors avoid common landmines people encounter when they use this powerful resource. Using our helpful tips can really unlock the maximum value of Wikipedia while helping you gain credible knowledge." said Thompson. The Wikipedia reference guide helps users weigh the credibility of Wikipedia pages, assess the strengths of claimed citations, look for red flags in terms of data error and infuses a healthy dose of sckepticism to offtest any naivity. For editors, the Wikipedia reference guide steps them through key tips to boosting their editorial skills so they can reproduce credible and responsible Wikipedia pages. "With our reference guide, users and editors can finally fully unlock Wikipedia's full benefits so that they can get credible accurate information they are looking for or so that they can share their knowledge in such a way that helps the most people." said Thompson


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