The Silent and the Lost, a new historical novel based on the Bangaldesh War of Independence

Set in a pivotal point of time, The Silent and the Lost powerfully chronicles the history of a revolutionary change in the socio-political landscape of the Indian sub-continent. As much as about India today, as about yesterday. Critical to understanding the socio-political chemistry of the sub-continent.

Online PR News – 23-July-2011 – – The Silent and the Lost
Alex Salim McKensie, a war baby of the 1971 Bangladesh War of Independence, is adopted by the McKensies, an American family that has lost their only son in Vietnam. Years later, Alex falls in love with Sangeeta Rai, but their happiness is threatened when the enigma of his birth casts a dark shadow over their relationship.

The Silent and the Lost opens with the wedding of Alex and Sangeeta in Brentwood, California on a sunny Saturday in 1997, then travels back into the boiling cauldron of political clashes of East Pakistan in early 1971. Through the eyes of newlywed Nahar Sultana, her husband, student activist Rafique Chowdhury, and their friends we are immersed into the nine months of revolution that created Bangladesh.
On March 25, 1971, Nahar, Rafique, Nazmul and the Rahmans find themselves in the center of Operation Searchlight at Dacca University. Miraculously surviving, they escape to Sheetalpur village. Longing for vengeance and freedom, Nazmul and Rafique leave for the Mukthi Bahini guerrilla camps in Agartala, India. In a twist of fate, in a brutal family betrayal, Nahar is captured by the Pakistani Army. Destitute and in utter despair, tortured and mad, Nahar grips desperately to her last scintilla of hope—Rafique’s return.

Two generations spread across two continents, thousands of miles apart, are brought jarringly together when Alex begins his search for answers to his beginnings. He discovers that his own struggle for happiness is inextricable from the history that he finds himself part of: the genocide that in 1971 ultimately created out of East Pakistan the new nation of Bangladesh.
Set in a pivotal point of time, The Silent and the Lost powerfully chronicles the history of a revolutionary change in the socio-political landscape of the sub-continent, and takes us on a sinuous journey into a
passionate and breathtaking untold account of heroism and betrayal, family and friendship, love and anguish—of the lives of the characters and millions of others swept up in the unfolding unrest, mayhem and suppressed genocide.

ABU ZUBAIR was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
He lived through the horrific nine months of the Bangladesh War of Independence and wrote ‘Memoirs of a Child,’ an essay describing his experience during 1971, that won the Shankar Children’s Award from the Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1973.
In 1974, at the age of fourteen he was awarded a scholarship to Phillips Academy Andover, Massachusetts. Since then he has been living in the USA.
He holds degrees from Boston University in Engineering. He lives in Southern California.
The Silent and the Lost is his debut novel set against the Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971.
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