7 Brilliant Tricks to Creating Compelling Content for Your Social Media Marketing

Posted on 15. Jan, 2013 by + in Business Publicity

Why do you go on Facebook?  Why do you read a magazine?  Why do you listen to a podcast?

For many of us, it is because we want to be entertained and educated.  We want to be distracted, we want to laugh and we want to enjoy ourselves. We also want to find out what’s happening in the world and potentially get answers to very specific questions.

So how can you utilize this natural desire to be entertained and educated in your social media marketing?

The key is to create compelling content.

Check out these 7 tips that will have you target audience seeking you out on their favorite social media platforms each morning…

1.  Define Your Target Audiences Favorite Entertainment

Certainly, in other areas of your business you have come up with the look and feel of your target audience.  You know if they are male or female, their age range, what their biggest concerns are and so on. BUT, do you know what makes them laugh? What makes them curious?  It is time to define your Target Audience’s Favorite Entertainment!

  1. What television shows do they watch?
  2. What movies do they love?
  3. Do they attend concerts, comedy shows, political events?
  4. Are they interested in what’s trending or do they enjoy the simple pleasures of a more old-fashioned lifestyle?
  5. What music groups do they follow?

Defining your audience in terms of the entertainment they most enjoy, will make the remaining 6 steps a BREEZE because you will know exactly where to go for great material.

2.  Create a Mash-up

A mash-up is when you take two unrelated things and make a connection. For example, after learning what your target audience’s favorite movies are, you can connect a main character’s actions or personality to your product or service.

Sample Post for a Social Media Expert: “The clothes on the TV show Downtown Abby makes me wish I could freeze frame the TV and post my favorites on Pinterest. “Like” if you agree that Downtown Abby needs a Pinterest page?

3.  Review a Product

If your audience loves a certain type of magazine or talk show, then pick a product recently mentioned to review.

For example, if your target audience loves to watch Doctor Oz, then pick a product or topic he’s recently highlighted and ask for your target audience’s opinion. You could even write a blog post on the topic and share your followers responses.

4.  Best and Worst Case – Case Study

Review companies that you know your audience pays attention to and find both best practices and worst practices.  Then, in separate posts, highlight their best and worst practices.

TIP:  In such case studies, it is always helpful to point out what your audience can learn from the company (Both good and bad.)

Again, this kind of social media post can be expanded into a blog or blog series and re-shared as posts on your social media platforms in many different engaging ways.

5.  Interview Tip 

Share a tip from an interview done by you or someone else.  If you’ve recently interviewed someone for a blog or product, pull a few great quotes or timely tips to share as social media posts.  You can even turn it into a whole series.

For Instance, 10 Days of Suzzy’s Great Valentine’s Tips

If you take a tip from someone else or another person’s interview, be sure to reference the source.

6.  Curate Your Favorite Blogs 

What blogs do you like to read? The next time you sit down with your cup of coffee or tea and dive into your favorite blog, have pen and paper with you.  If you find a great quote or tip, write it down.

When you share the tip or quote on your social media platform, be sure to include why YOU liked it and what you were doing at the time you found it.  As you’ll see in tip 7, it is super important to get personal.

NOTE: Of course, always reference where you found the quote/tip

7.  Get Personal  

People go onto their favorite social media platforms to interact with other PEOPLE! So, it is HUGELY important to get personal. Share a funny antidote from your business.  Did you have an interesting character come into the store this morning?  Did you decide to wear something different to your meeting?

Share. Share. Share! The more your target audience can relate to who you are as a person the more likely they are to recommend you to their friends and come back and buy your products.

What are you doing to create compelling social media marketing content?

What tip will you start implementing this week?

Please comment and share below.

About the Author: Kim Garst is the Co-Founder and CEO of Boom! Social, a personal branding and social media business consulting firm that services over 32,000 subscribers and 100+ clients. She is extremely passionate about sharing how ‘you can do’ social media. Kim was recently named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers. She was also named the #1 Social Media Blogger by Kred.com and voted one of the top Leading Mom’s Businesses in 2012.

Kim consults with businesses of all sizes from around the globe to help accelerate their profits by helping them integrate proven social media strategies. She also provides social media keynotes and in-depth training to entrepreneurs and corporations. Kim has an extensive following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. She is considered a leader in the world of online marketing.

7 Responses to “7 Brilliant Tricks to Creating Compelling Content for Your Social Media Marketing”

  1. Karen

    15. Jan, 2013

    Sometimes it can be so hard to think of what to say on a business social media page. Thanks for reminding us that with a mix of fun, information-mining posts, we can get fodder for a lot of useful business posts too! Great posts!

  2. Lisa Tynan

    15. Jan, 2013

    Great post! I especially like the “Mash Up” idea. It seems to me there would be unlimited ways to creatively connect things that are important to your audience. It’s something I never thought of doing but will definitely try! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. rctophobby

    17. Jan, 2013

    some useful tips

  4. Liyya

    17. Jan, 2013

    What a great post! I especially connected with the ‘Review a Product’ idea because I’m the type to review something over and over before I decide to buy — I want to know my purchase is in fact a savvy one. I sometimes squirm when reading some reviews as it’s tough to know what to believe out there. BUT, if its from a source that I trust then it makes it so much easier to make that purchasing decision!

  5. amber

    21. Jan, 2013

    I love the reviews and case studies ideas!! I’m obsessed with finding candid info about a company I’m interested in doing business with. It definitely makes me more likely to choose one over another when I can hear from real customers – even if not every single review is a rave.

  6. great insight. Really enjoyed browsing this blog.

    Keep up the good work and to everyone keep on learning!
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