Pinterest & PR — Getting The Most Out Of The Newest Social Media Outlet

Pinterest & PR — Getting The Most Out Of The Newest Social Media Outlet

Posted on 16. Mar, 2012 by + in Business Publicity

Our main goal at Online PR Media is to get you publicity and visibility online. We (obviously) think press releases are pretty cool, but there are other ways to get yourself noticed and boost traffic and visibility to your website. Assuming you aren’t trapped under a large object, you’ve most likely heard rumblings about Pinterest, the newest social media network available online. But if you’re anything like us, you might still be deciphering exactly how to use the network to your advantage.

That’s why we’re so excited to have social media expert, Kim Garst, writing today’s guest blog post. She’s taken the time really dig into Pinterest and figure out exactly how we can optimize our time pinning to get the biggest exposure for ourselves and our clients.


Are you ready to become a Pinterest Rockstar?

After reading this article see how well you are doing with these 7 Steps and perhaps it will be time to create your own Pinterest Rockstar Board!

1.  Edit your Profile!

Can your Pinterest followers easily connect with you outside of Pinterest?

Not sure?  Then, it is time to complete your Pinterest profile.  While the profile section on Pinterest is not nearly as detailed, or lengthy as Google+ or facebook, it is still important.  And, like twitter, your bio with your website link can be the difference between a blog visit or no blog visit.

To get started with your Pinterest profile description, put your curser over your profile picture and name at the top right hand corner of your screen.  Then, scroll down and choose “settings.”  Here you can provide an “about” write up, your geographic location, a link to your facebook timeline and a link your twitter account.  Here too, you can choose to add Pinterest to your Facebook Timeline (if you haven’t already.)

When you’re finished, don’t forget to save all changes at the bottom of the page.

2. Categorize Your Boards. 

When you “pin” something new you can add that pin to an existing board, or you can create a new board.  Creating new boards is great because it is helpful to your followers, however, done incorrectly you can lose out on a ton of traffic.  When you create new boards, always be sure to categorize them.  When your boards are UN-categorized, they will NOT show up in Pinterest’s category directory.

Not sure if all of your boards have been categorized? Click on the individual board and edit it.  Here you will have the ability to add the board to a Pinterest category.

3.  Rock your Keyword Phrases

Whether you are describing the content of a board, or an article you “pinned,” utilize your keyword phrases.

I don’t mean that you randomly add keyword phrases to your descriptions, instead insert them as apart of an engaging sentence.  This way, your boards and pins will both entice followers and show up in search results!

For example, as a social media expert, using the keyword phrase, “Increase Traffic to Your Website,” you can create the Board Title:  “Awesome Tips on How to Increase Traffic To Your Website.”  Likewise, in the Board Description, you can say: “I love these articles on how to increase traffic to your website. Pin & share the ones that work best for you!”

Additionally, anytime I pin an article for to board, I include a keyword phrase in my description. For example, if I pin an article about increasing Twitter traffic, an amateur might right, “Love it. Such great ideas!” But, a Pinterest Rockstar will say, “I love these twitter traffic tips. They totally work!”  This way, anyone searching for “twitter traffic tips” will find my pin.

4.  Link to the True Source!

In can be tempting to pin a website homepage or Google image, don’t! Remember that the reason to pin is to connect followers to great content, products and so on.    If you connect them to a website homepage, instead of the exact blog with the great information they wanted, your follower may lose trust in you.  Help make it easy to find the original post by pinning the original, exact url.

5.  Contemplate it, before you Pin it

As social media platforms improve, it is becoming easier and easier to scroll back and find older posts, comments, pictures and so on.  Consider the facebook timeline.  With timeline, you can scroll back through your years in a matter of seconds.  Ek! Do you want people reading the comments you wrote in 2008? Who were you back then?

The same is true of Pinterest. Your old pins don’t disappear.  Followers can and will scroll down through an entire board.  Be mindful and pin accordingly. It is best to focus on pinning the finest possible content for each of your boards.

6.  Make it Easy for Others to Pin Your work!

If you want website followers to pin your articles, make it easy, and add a pin-it button to your blog posts or website.

For the exact steps on how to do this, click here:

Adding the pin-it button to your website is important because it can help bring massive amounts of traffic to your site.  Checking in on your most “pinned” articles can also be a way for you to track the articles your followers most enjoy.

To see the content readers are pinning from your site, type – into your browser and see what images come up.

7. Tap into Your Creativity

A big reason why Pinterest is so fun and is growing so quickly, is because it taps into our creativity.  With each board we create and showcase another piece of our unique life.

As a Pinterest Rockstar, you will want to think out side the box, or the “board,” and take your creativity to a whole new level.

For example, if you are working with a team on a project, create a Pinterest board where everyone can pin ideas they want to bring to the table.

Similarly, you can create a weekly or monthly discussion group on a topic within your niche.  Then, if the topic is “flexing your twitter muscle,” everyone who joins the group can pin great articles he or she wants to contribute to the discussion.

I look forward to hearing how these 7 steps work for you!  How are you becoming a Pinterest Rockstar?

Which step caught your attention? Why?

Kim Garst, CEO of of Social Media Branding with Kim Garst was recently included in Forbes Magazine Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers List. Kim has been a Mompreneur for almost 20 years. Currently she shares her business and marketing savvy through coaching and consulting with clients around the world. Kim specializes in helping you get more sales, more leads and more clients utilizing the power of social media and the Internet as a whole. Her systems are easy to implement and get quick results for small businesses as well as new and established solopreneurs.

23 Responses to “Pinterest & PR — Getting The Most Out Of The Newest Social Media Outlet”

  1. Karen

    19. Mar, 2012

    These are AWESOME tips! I’ve been seeing more and more pinterest pins showing up in my Google searches, so obviously there is a HUGE opportunity here to swing the site for major SEO benefits. Using Pinterest for SEO is going to become common practice very quickly!

  2. Amber

    19. Mar, 2012

    I like the concept of Pinterest as a place to organize and share your likes and creativity. But for the life of me I haven’t been able to get into it. Every time I go to the site I get completely overwhelmed with all the random pictures, crafts, recipes, videos, etc.. So it’s nice to hear about using it in another way – pinning (and repinning) content that a business finds relevant. That customers can follow and find useful. Now we’re talking my language! Thanks for the great post, Kim! :)

  3. Jackie

    19. Mar, 2012

    Great tips, Kim! I just started using Pinterest and I have to say I really like it! Your tips are insightful and extremely helpful – I especially love the idea of opening up your board to others when collaborating on a team project – Pin-storming! Love it!

  4. Christine OKelly

    Christine OKelly

    19. Mar, 2012

    I need to get my act together with my personal Pinterest page! One of the main reasons I haven’t is because I need to find a chunk of time to get my bearings on how to organize everything — this is awesome!

  5. Luna

    19. Mar, 2012

    I heard to many great things about Pinerest.. LOve to join you there.. :)
    Luna recently posted..Dating Tips

  6. Gracie

    19. Mar, 2012

    Pinterest really does not get views to your website directly but rather it provides linkbacks so over time your SEO should increase to the website where you have pinned the picture from. I find it easy to use. Until just over a year ago I was mostly using StumbleUpon but they changed that site so much I find it very awkward to use and am rarely on it.
    Gracie recently posted..Does Pure African Mango Really Work?

  7. Maysel03

    20. Mar, 2012

    Pinterest could provide yet another way for your products to be shared. Pinterest’s advantage is that it isn’t as susceptible to the information loss that occurs with the rapidly changing News Feeds.
    Maysel03 recently posted..Good Wedding Ideas

  8. Susan Connor

    20. Mar, 2012

    Your Pinterst how toos and what to do’s is causing me to rethink, reorganise and paln out. I got carried away with the pretty pictures and forgot the redirection for other pinners to get back to me.

  9. Charmaine

    20. Mar, 2012

    It seems to be a place mostly for sharing pictures you like – with an awful lot of pictures that people have pinned being products and merchandise. I myself am not into all the consumerism and prefer to pin pictures of animals, nature, and that sort of thing. Pinterest really does not get views to your website directly but rather it provides linkbacks so over time your SEO should increase to the website where you have pinned the picture from.
    Charmaine recently posted..Livegadgetz

  10. Ma.Dhares

    20. Mar, 2012

    Pinterest is already spreading now and we are all aware how it can help a lot of people, especially the bloggers…I have to try it too…
    Ma.Dhares recently posted..Best Time To Conceive

  11. Maryden25

    20. Mar, 2012

    Hi Kim! i just started using Pinterest and providing us this kind information is really a big help. I will definitely follow all the tips that you’ve mentioned here to increase my knowledge about Pinterest. Thanks for sharing this to us and keep up the good work.
    Maryden25 recently posted..Maxwell House Coffee Coupon

  12. I like the article, thanks for posting it, Pinterest is an interesting site I think its going to grow into something that will be a wonderful site for not just women but men too!

  13. Joyce

    21. Mar, 2012

    Pinterest is an interesting site I think its going to grow into something that will be a wonderful site for not just women but men too!
    Joyce recently posted..376,054 Pageviews, 1 Press Release: Breaking Down The Success Strategy

  14. Bianca

    23. Mar, 2012

    I like the article.. Pinterest is interesting..and I can’t stop my self reading your blog..
    Bianca recently posted..Hotel in Paignton

  15. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    23. Mar, 2012

    Thanks Bianca! You made me smile this morning! :)

  16. Born25

    27. Mar, 2012

    I like the concept of Pinterest and sharing us this useful tips is really a big help. I will surely follow all the detailed guide that you’ve shared with us here. Thanks for the post and i’m looking forward to read more from you!
    Born25 recently posted..Best Video Conferencing

  17. Lidgett

    27. Mar, 2012

    I joined Pinterest about a week or two ago. It is an interesting site, but not as exciting as people are making it out to be. I joined basically so I could promote some of my hubs and articles. I have been doing that a little, but I honestly don’t think it is really the type of site that is too useful for promoting things like that. I think it is more about posting items you really like or products you’d like to buy. It is a cute site, but in my opinion, overrated.
    Lidgett recently posted..Michael Webb’s 1000 Questions for Couples Review

  18. Renea

    30. Mar, 2012

    I think the concept seems pretty asinine (although admittedly I also thought Twitter and Facebook were silly ideas). I just like to declutter and save time, and Pinterest seems to promote the exact opposite of those 2 ideas!
    Renea recently posted..Student Insurance

  19. Lindsey

    02. Oct, 2012

    This is an interesting read! It seems like everyone is becoming addicted to Pinterest these days, but I don’t think too many people see it as a marketing tool. I’ve heard that Pinterest is generating more traffic to websites than even Google recently, so it’s a great idea to integrate your website and blogs into Pinterest!

  20. jimmy

    03. Apr, 2013

    The social marketing is all about getting their sites pop up on the first page of the google results. The whole internet industry is setting their goal to achieve a higher PR and getting a good pinterest across the World Wide Web.


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