How To Use Social Media To Make Your Press Release Go Viral

How To Use Social Media To Make Your Press Release Go Viral

Posted on 19. Jan, 2012 by + in Business Publicity

“Social media integration.” In marketing these days, we can’t escape the message that companies needs to be social or be square. So how important is social media for your press releases? We found this infographic that perfectly illustrates why being “social” with your PR can multiply your results and engagement. Let’s break it down and see what your company should be doing to go viral.

Which Social Network Should You Leverage?

When we look at the infographic, we can clearly see that Facebook edges out Twitter for the sharing of press releases. However, we recommend utilizing both networks to better the chances of your release being seen, and more importantly, shared further. The importance of having sharing options embedded right in our press releases not only allows you to share your own news, but for interested readers to share with their networks. The more your release is shared, the more it’s read, potentially shared again with those readers’ networks, and so on. This can lead to more media coverage, blogs or articles being written about your company or news, and better SEO results!

Double Your Press Release Views

If someone told you that there was a simple way to get twice as many people reading your release, wouldn’t you do it? Of course! The infographic above illustrates that press releases that are shared on Twitter and LinkedIn get over twice the views than those not on social networks, with Facebook not far behind. Regardless of what the goal of your press release is, having double the number of readers can only help. As always, don’t forget to share your own press releases on your social networks, and remember that Online PR Media tweets the title of every $79 and $349 release on our own Twitter account, which has over 13,500 followers.

Take Advantage Of All Visual Options For Optimal Engagement!

In order to make your press release even more interesting to your readers, make sure that you’re taking advantage of every visual feature you can. This means to not just add in your logo, but add in an image of something that’s represented within your news (the product, the speaker’s photo, your facility, the team responsible, etc.) If you have a video, be sure to embed that as well (and if you don’t, make one! It’s a great way to speak right to your readers!) And don’t forget to add an MP3 or other audio clip, whether it’s from a recent interview, podcast, radio appearance, or commercial. The more of these options you include in your press release, the more you’re multiplying the interest and visibility of your news!

See It In Action

Check out some recent press releases we published that are really maximizing their visibility by using a variety of social and visual features:

Using photo, Facebook stream, Twitter stream, and iFrame: Unique Dog Boarding & Training Center Opens in Los Angeles

Using video, multiple images, and iFrame: Memphis Trade Show Booth Company, Skyline Midsouth, & Parent Company, Skyline, Receive 100th Patent

Using iFrame, Twitter stream, and Facebook stream: Quality Glass Block and Window, Leading Glass Block Suppliers, Offers Fire Rated Glass Block Options

Your Turn!

Post the link to your socially and visually optimized press release in our comments, or feel free to ask questions about the benefits of sharing your releases!

Awesome infographic courtesy of PR Newswire and Crowd Factory

11 Responses to “How To Use Social Media To Make Your Press Release Go Viral”

  1. Allan Camper

    19. Jan, 2012

    When I read press releases, I prefer the ones that have visual affect, of course. Text-only is now boring, to be honest.

  2. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    20. Jan, 2012

    Totally! Those using text-only press releases are really missing some major opportunities to engage journalists and readers!

  3. Liyya

    30. Jan, 2012

    I love the infographic, it really just breaks down all the need-to-knows! I couldn’t agree more with Allan, text-only is not even an option for me, I tend to get bored really easily with text only newsletters or even with a PR that doesn’t have that WOW factor with all the bells and whistles of the YouTube Video integration, videos and Social Media links.

  4. Megan

    31. Jan, 2012

    Although I assumed releases with visual impact achieve better results, it is helpful to see the actual breakdown. How amazing that a release shared generates an average of 2 new views — and those new people could share it and start the whole cycle over again. The reach can be virtually endless – wow!

  5. Amber

    03. Feb, 2012

    This is awesome advice!! I have clients that ask me what kinds of stuff they should share or tweet about. I always tell them anytime they distribute a press release or other type of content marketing, share it with your followers! Social media, when used right, is free marketing. What better way to get your exciting news in front of your followers!

  6. Tanya Veilleux

    07. Mar, 2012

    This is a fantastic article. Bravo to the writer!

    I had a speaking engagement yesterday about PR and included a link to this post. It was for business executives, non-profits and small business owners. Everyone there said they had no idea that this is where press releases are heading.

    Thank you for the infographic statistics, this visual is powerful information for anyone in PR.

    I have a question for the site owner, I would like to use your infographic with permission and a link back here for an article?
    Thank you again.
    Tanya Veilleux recently posted..Occupy Entrepreneurism updated Mon Feb 27 2012 6:17 pm EST

  7. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    07. Mar, 2012

    Hi Tanya! Thanks for your kind words — I’m so glad our blog was able to help with your presentation! You are definitely welcome to link to our blog post, but the infographic actually came from PR Newswire (one of our distribution partners.) You can see our attribution at the bottom of the post. I think as long as you give proper credit, the more sharing the better!

  8. Chris Wechner

    29. Apr, 2012

    Hi, Tara.

    Do you have any idea which type of video tends to do the best job of enhancing press releases?

    A. Commercial
    B. Demonstration
    C. Quick Tip
    D. Video Clip of Key Person Speaking
    E. Some Totally Different Category
    Chris Wechner recently posted..Over 7 Reasons I Will +1, Thumbs Up, or Like Your Post or Comment

  9. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    29. Apr, 2012

    Hi Chris! As you know, the attention span of the average online reader (journalists included) is pretty small. We generally recommend quick tip videos or demonstration videos — especially if you are unveiling a new product or service. Hope that helps!

  10. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    23. May, 2012

    Thanks! Glad you liked it!


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