Duplicate Content Penalty: Should You Post Your Press Release Multiple Places?

Duplicate Content Penalty: Should You Post Your Press Release Multiple Places?

Posted on 18. Aug, 2011 by + in Business Publicity

We received an interesting question in one of our blog posts the other day and we wanted to highlight it since it comes up a lot. If you’re publishing content online, you’ve most likely heard of the penalties that can come from publishing duplicate content. What many readers wonder, however, is whether or not the fact that their press releases are republished hundreds of times across the web counts as duplicate content.


“Do you have to worry about being punished by the search engines for having the same copy/content “released” through various websites?
 Is the same press release being disseminated by a number of sources going to be seen as duplicate content by the search engines, and thus my linked-to conversion page will be lowered in ranking as a result?”


What you’re talking about is what people refer to as the ‘duplicate content penalty’ – which is often misunderstood and is not really a ‘penalty.’ A search engine’s goal is to show its customer (the searcher) the most relevant and useful content related to a particular search query. It would NOT however want to show the user 10 or even 2 of the same exact pieces of content.

In that case, when there are pages out there on the web with the same content on different URLs, the search engine will choose ONE of those URLs to present to the searcher — just not all of them — but that’s all that you need in a search result anyway.

This doesn’t stop the fact that if your content is published on multiple news sites, PR sites, blogs, etc that you will earning multiple backlinks to your site, which can strengthen the ‘ranking power’ of your website.

Aside from that, people find content through many different sources other than just Google — so having your content available on multiple channels only increases the odds of your content being seen.

We normally advise people not to post the full press release on their own website, but instead to either use the News Widget to display their headlines or to put the title and summary on their website and then link to the full release.

In short, having one of your press releases published all over the web is GREAT and only helps, not hinders. Thanks for the great question — hope this helps!

Your Turn!

Have you noticed any positive or negative effects of posting your news releases in multiple places online?

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10 Responses to “Duplicate Content Penalty: Should You Post Your Press Release Multiple Places?”

  1. Michelle DeMarco

    19. Aug, 2011

    I have not noticed any negation effects at all. I have only seen my rankings improve. Good to know that I won’t be penalized for having an article spread by multiple avenues. Thanks!
    Michelle DeMarco recently posted..Success is a Habit

  2. Liyya

    19. Aug, 2011

    This is a question that clients ask me repeatedly! I agree that the ‘duplicate content penalty’ is one of the most misunderstood components with SEO. I love how this blog post really sets the record straight, specifically with Press Release content. I also really appreciate the suggestion of the News Widget for a client’s website rather than the actual Press Releases itself! :)

  3. Megan

    19. Aug, 2011

    Thanks so much for clarifying the duplicate content penalty! I love the idea of including the News Widget on your website to feature published releases.

  4. Katie

    19. Aug, 2011

    Thanks for the explanation! That’s a great point that you really only need one listing in the search engine and that the real goal is to create multiple backlinks to your site.

    I’m bookmarking this post so I can explain the reasonings to my clients – thanks!

  5. Jackie

    20. Aug, 2011

    Myth Busted! Thanks for clarifying this topic. There is so much bad information on duplicate content on the web; it’s nice to have a trustworthy source. ☺

  6. Mike Jackson

    22. Aug, 2011

    Great explanation, you shouldn’t notice any kind of harm from posting to other websites. Not only do search engines try to only show one of the exact same article they also look for the source of the article and give the credit to the source. So posting to your site and then posting to another blog spot and linking back to your site will give your website the credit for the article.

  7. hannamay

    23. Aug, 2011

    Thanks for this post! I love the idea of including the News Widget on your website to feature published releases.
    hannamay recently posted..How To Conceive Quickly

  8. akselsson

    18. Feb, 2012

    I wonder if this information is still valid and for how long it will be? Anyways, very encouraging words there :D I always thought duplicate content matter as a penalty but looks like it’s not a penalty at all: You still get the backlinks :)
    akselsson recently posted..HDR in Helsinki: Lauttasaari Lighthouse again

  9. Josep

    12. Mar, 2012

    that’s great topic. I’ve been search in various topic with duplicated issue in publishing release in many distribution site. I planning to use some press release submitting service after read this topic.
    Josep recently posted..Contemporary Bar Stools Design by Meg O’ Halloran

  10. Michael Meso

    13. Apr, 2012

    I hope Google stay with they words – duplicate content NOT penalty republishing website.

    I republish others press release, like Mesothelioma Attorney Stays Current on Social Justice and I planning to use more press release in future…

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