How To Use Effective Timing For Better PR Results (With Proof!)

How To Use Effective Timing For Better PR Results (With Proof!)

Posted on 07. Jun, 2011 by + in Presss Release Examples

In our latest installment of successes from actual press releases we published, today we’re going to reinforce how the proper timing of your release can result in some awesome traffic! We often discuss how important the choice of your keywords can be, and this post is the epitome of knowing what your readers are really searching for. Over the past couple of weeks, when we looked to see what releases gained the most “clicks,” we were really surprised to find that the top FOUR were all from the same client!

Press Release Examples #1… to #4

Free Stream! Live Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley Online Boxing in HD
Free Stream! Live Watch NBA Playoffs 2011 Online Streaming in HD
Free Stream! Live Watch Champions League Final Online Barcelona vs Manchester United Streaming in HD
Free UFC Live Stream! Watch UFC 130 Rampage vs Hamill Online Streaming in HD

Let’s break them down!

Titles: You’ll notice right away that all of the titles are fairly simple and direct in their message. They provide notification of an event, and that the reader can watch it at no cost. If you’re looking for clicks, being direct is a sure-fire way to draw people in! Give them the news, show them what benefit it offers them, and wait for the traffic.

Keywords: Here is where our client truly capitalized on how people really search the internet. All of the key phrases utilize syntax that mirrors search habits of the actual public. How do we know? Each of these releases got over 3,000 hits.. one of them reached that in one day. The phrases all represent different ways that someone can search for the same thing: to watch a special event live and in HD.

Timing: The true strength of all four of these releases is the client knowing when the right time was to schedule publication. Even having an announcement you know will be important to the public means little if you miss the boat! This client submits their releases at least 24 hours in advance, with a scheduled publication time the morning of the event they are showcasing. This gives our editors time to make any suggestions for changes, and ensures his release is published right when people are looking for it.

Putting This To Work For You:

What does your company or client do that can capitalize on appropriate timing? Another potential reason for this client’s success is that he’s building credibility for being a go-to site for what he provides.. which we’re all striving for! Even when you can’t announce something that is “hot” in public news right now (when it’s not yours to announce,) these results show how you can talk about that news and relate it back to what your company or client offers. Give it a try!


9 Responses to “How To Use Effective Timing For Better PR Results (With Proof!)”

  1. Susan

    07. Jun, 2011

    Great piece – particularly love the breakdown. It’s like a little recipe for success. It’s a great reminder that online PR’s tthat work really do demonstrate a method behind the SEO machine and it’s important to keep that in mind when creating copy. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Megan

    07. Jun, 2011

    You make a great point! Many people are so concerned about other aspects of a press release — the keywords, the actual announcement, etc. — that they forget how critical timing is, too. It helps to just take a step back and think about when the target audience would be searching for information related to the release. For example, if the release is announcing a new travel special, then people will likely search for this during off business hours or even on the weekends. Timing the distribution right can make a huge difference in the total number of hits.

  3. Amber K

    07. Jun, 2011

    This is awesome! Most of my clients’ PRs are not time sensitive like this, but this is a great example of how critical timing can be if you’re in the right business. (Meanwhile, I’m totally checking out their site… looks like something my sports-obsessed husband would be very interested in! They got another customer! :) )

  4. Katie

    07. Jun, 2011

    What a smart company! I agree that timing is especially important – I sometimes see clients announcing news, but the timing is off or the event is actually over. This is a great example of how the timing of a release can really attribute to its success.

  5. Liyya

    08. Jun, 2011

    This is VERY interesting – I am almost wonder why they choose to release their PR the morning of the event? Most of my clients want to release their event PRs a week or more before the actual event – I guess it really depends on the TYPE of event, whether it be a tradeshow, webinar, live seminar or just a product announcement? Is there a certain timeline gauge of when to release a PR based on the specific announcement? hmmmm….

  6. Did the media or bloggers really pick up this story? It seems these were written for the end users and search engines – not the media. Your audience also determines timing. It seems if you truly wanted media attention, the morning of the event is too late (impossible for print).

    Blog On,

  7. Tara Geissinger


    20. Sep, 2011

    Great question Janet! You are right, these PRs were quickly featured in Google — where end users, bloggers and journalists would be sure to find them. If a journalist were conducting a Google search to locate a source for a quick quote on a hot topic, these companies would have been poised to answer! With online PR publishing, there are definitely different end results that are considered “successful.” For some it is getting the story picked up, for others it’s having their PR at the top of Google News for online visibility. It’s always been our goal at Online PR Media to cater to both consumers! And you are right, releasing a PR the day of an event is definitely too late for print. We typically recommend that people don’t rely on a single press release when publicizing an event such as a webinar or book launch anyway. It is best to put out a release a few weeks in advance to begin generating interest!

  8. Lily Rose

    26. Dec, 2011

    The titles have always been the hardest part for me! I truly believe that you have to have the special kind of talent to make a good title. It’s not the same as other kind of writing.
    Lily Rose recently posted..10 Amazing Facts About the Brain!

  9. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    31. Dec, 2011

    I agree, Lily. Sometimes I’ll write a title for a press release and then my business partner, Christine, will take a stab. All of a sudden it goes from “okay” to “amazing!” What I’ve found that helps me is to read as many titles as I can (sometimes I’ll just scan through our homepage at the end of the day) and notice which ones jump out at me. Exposure to great titles is bound to rub off! LOL

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