Essential Tips For Writing Your “About” Section In Press Releases

Essential Tips For Writing Your “About” Section In Press Releases

Posted on 14. Jun, 2011 by + in Press Release Writing Tips

We’re seeing a lot press releases that are being distributed without an “About” section at the end. This may seem more like no big deal, but it really isn’t! That final paragraph in your press release is actually a really powerful sales tool at your disposal. It’s where you get to talk up all of the things that set your business apart from the pack!

Why? The “About” section doesn’t have to focus on the news you’re announcing today. It is a general overview of everything your company does. This ensures that your reader knows who you are, what you’re about, and why you have the authority to be making an announcement in the first place. Even better, it means you don’t have to be crafty and try to work your promotional message in to the text of your news!

Don’t Get Too Fancy

Many companies avoid writing an “About” section, but barring any big changes in your company, you only have to write a boilerplate once. It should be factual and to the point. Because it’s an overall summary of who you are and what you do, it should have clarity but not be so specific that you couldn’t put it on any press release you put out there. For instance, if your company produces construction products, you wouldn’t have one boilerplate for lumber PR, one for power tools, and one for safety items. Instead, you would write ONE that states you sell the following types of construction equipment: lumber, power tools, and safety items. Make sense?

Spend Time Polishing Your Boilerplate

This one paragraph could be the only section your reader skims before deciding to click through to your website. Being conscious of the perception you would like the public to have of you or your company, it’s very important that you perfect your “About” section. Be sure to mention any special awards, certifications, designations, or recognitions you received while telling the reader what you’re about. The “About” section isn’t just for bragging, though, so be careful with the tone!

Some Great Press Release Boilerplate Examples:

Here are a few examples from some companies that have the right idea about boilerplates! Their “about” sections almost beg to be investigated with a click through to learn more!

Read the full Linens-N-More press release

Read the full Jack’s Country Store press release

Read the full Pressure Profile Systems press release

Will A Boilerplate Help My SEO Results?

Some companies want to pack their boilerplate full of SEO keywords. Granted, it’s a fairly easy way to get your keywords in, because you’re using common terms associated with your company. However, organic search results are best derived from original, prominent content. Because your boilerplate is essentially “stamped” on ever release, it’s not exactly original. Secondly, it’s at the bottom of your release, so it’s not very prominent. (And no, don’t move it up, or it will disrupt the flow of your news!) That said, just use the “About” section as a little intro to what you are known for, and not as part of a marketing strategy.

Your Turn..

What do YOU think is an important part of a boilerplate? Do you include an “About” section in your PRs? Give yourself a plug! Add your boilerplate in the comments section!

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8 Responses to “Essential Tips For Writing Your “About” Section In Press Releases”

  1. Liyya

    14. Jun, 2011

    What a great post! I always encourage all of my clients to have a boilerplate for all of their PRs, it’s practically a requirement! I mean, why wouldn’t you want to take a few sentences and as a tell-all of how wonderful you are and what you do – it’s your section for the PR to really say the things you feel really represent WHO you are and WHAT you do, why not? Great examples! Thanks! :)

  2. Amber K

    24. Jun, 2011

    I agree with Liyya – a boilerplate is a requirement! It’s essential for summarizing what the company is all about. But, it may be time to jazz a few of them up! As always, thanks for the inspiration ladies! :)

  3. Greg

    05. Jul, 2011

    A boilerplate is very important especially if your clients tend to drift with their message. Have someone write it once very well leaves alot less left to chance
    Greg recently posted..Have a Great 4th!!!!

  4. Mike Hampson

    13. Jun, 2012

    Is it acceptable to have an about paragraph for your company and an about paragraph for your Facebook page? The reason is this, on my company Facebook page, I’ll post pictures and videos about any product from any company in the industry I work in. I will do this whether they are a customer or not. Any suggestions?

    If you can email me, I’d appreciate it, to make sure I get a follow-up to my question.

  5. Christine OKelly

    Christine OKelly

    13. Jun, 2012

    Hi Mike!

    That’s a good question and I do think that is acceptable! There are times when I’ll do two “about” sections — I’ve even done three once! It’s usually when more than one person or company is mentioned in the press release. For if two people are hosting a webinar, I would write two “abouts” — one for each of them.

    Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask :)

  6. Mike Hampson

    13. Jun, 2012

    Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate it.


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